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APRIL 5, 2014

Sizzling-hot Russian DJ/producers Matisse & Sadko are back with a brand-new hard-hitting single, “Sigure” (Doorn Records), out now. Supported by Armin van Buuren during Miami Music Week, debuted nationally on SiriusXM Radio and rocking EDM-lovers from the high-end fête at Baoli Miami to the wet ‘n wild clubbers of the Surfcomber pool, Matisse & Sadko’s club banger “Sigure” was an inescapable track of Miami Music Week 2014.

Inspired by a legendary Japanese destroyer named Shigure known for being as unsinkable as it was lucky, “Sigure” proves its mettle on a dancefloor as the track wreaks sonic havoc. The word in Japanese also evokes “sudden rain with wind,” and it is perhaps this more poetic, peace-loving image that the producers had in mind when writing the life-affirming drops of this track. “Sigure” is at once a call-to-arms for clubland’s diehard music lovers as it is a celebration of life.

Opening with an ominous fluttering percussion evocative of soldiers’ drums and the insistent chanting of ghostly warriors, “Sigure” builds with relentless fervor into a staccato, properly fist-pumping breakdown that will leave club-goers panting. A sensuous, haunting synth interlude ensues before the high-energy cinematic thrust of the chorus finally revisits the airwaves and the dancefloor erupts. Poised somewhere in the smoky hinterlands between electro, prog-house and downright pop, “Sigure” comes out of the loudspeakers firing on all cylinders.

The brothers Matisse & Sadko represent the contemporary wave of globally respected electronic dance music (EDM) producers in the vein of their fellow Russian, Arty. Matisse & Sadko have become tastemakers in their own right, having released “SLVR” last year on Steve Angello’s (of Swedish House Mafia infamy) imprint, Size Records. Other Matisse & Sadko releases include the wildly popular singles: “Riot” (Spinnin’ Records) with Arty; “Stars” (Doorn Records); “Hi Scandinavia!” (Armada Music); and a Matisse & Sadko remix of M-3ox featuring Heidrun’s “Beating of My Heart,” a track that gained coveted U.S. radio airplay last year.

As a live act, Matisse & Sadko embody the high-octane energy of their music, and few club-goers escape a Matisse & Sadko DJ set uncovered in sweat and without feet throbbing. “Sigure” has been tested on club and festival crowds and tweaked in the studio to its current state of aural bliss.