London Music Conference Announces Full Panels and Evening Programme


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The capital’s first ever specialist dance gathering, the London Music Conference, is set to take place across multiple leading venues from October 11-13th. With the simple but vital aim of educating and engaging with the current scene and next generation on a range of vital issues, the world-class brands, panels, masterclasses, hosts, workshops, and events featuring DJs like NCT and Sinisa Tamamovic, Alex Ferrer and T & Sugah.

London Music Conference  – October 11-13th, 2018 

Venues like Oval Space, Pickle Factory, UNDR Hackney, Moustache Bar, Birthdays and VFD will all be involved hosting the daytime and evening events, while Egg London, Ministry of Sound and The Hospital Club exclusively take care of night time fun.

Some of the key panels include Spotify For Artists 101, Beatport presenting new ways to start and grow labels, Secrets to Success (with separate panels focussing on Festival Promotion and Booking, Clubs and Regional), Using Brands Partnerships to Power Music, and a key discussion on the past, present and future of the London scene with all the key players. There are also plenty more topics including the art of branding, A&R, networking, breaking into the mainstream, finding new revenue streams, equality, diversity and inclusion in the music industry, as well as plenty of others.

For aspiring young DJs and producers, there is a wealth of experience on hand to give you rare insight and instruction that will help you get ahead, including production masterclasses with the likes of Hauswerks, Signum Audio and Mad Professor, Tips On How to DJ inside VR using the Oculus Rift, production masterclass with Sample Tools by Cr2 Records, tips on how to improve your image in the industry and many more besides.

All of these panels are hosted by experts in their field such as Grahame Farmer from Data Transmission, Lucy Blair from Spotify, Nick Halkes from XL Recordings, Duncan Dick from Mixmag, Mark Newton from Broadwick Live, Nikki Gordon from Ministry of Sound, Alan Miller from Night Time Industries Association, Kai Cant from Abode, Scarlett Pares Landells from Defected, the celebrated social media star Bradley Gunn Raver, representatives from Google Daydream and plenty of others.

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Once the knowledge has been soaked up each day, the focus turns to cutting shapes on some of the capital’s best dance floors. Some of the evening offerings include the CROWD & Risky Business showcase with American trailblazers DESNA and CHILLY MOX, THE LMC TEN Showcase at Ministry of Sound with 10 labels in one night, including Syncopate, Deeplomatic, Fokuz Recordings, Chapter 24 and more – plus a live set from Reinier Zonneveld at Egg London, and plenty more across the capital on all three days.

The London Music Conference is shaping up to be an essential and must visit event for anyone involved in, or wanting to break into, the dance music industry.



Programme Highlights:

  • Panel 1 (Conference panel):
    • Title: Secrets to Success: Accessing And Understanding The London Club Scene
    • Description: An in-depth analysis of what makes the London club scene one of the most vibrant election music hotbeds on earth. Understand how to navigate it, how to exploit it, where its strengths and weakness lie and what is being done to safeguard it against an uncertain future.
    • Day: Friday, 12th October
    • Time: 10.30 – 11.30
    • Venue: Oval Space
    • Panellists:
      • Moderator: Duncan Dick (Mixmag)
      • Mark Newton (Broadwick Live)
      • Miguel Estevez (UNDR – formerly The Nest)
      • Nikki Gordon (Ministry of Sound)
      • Alan Miller (Night Time Industries Association)
  • Panel 2 (Conference Panel):
    • Title: Secrets To Success: Next Level Strategies For Awesome Artist Management
    • Description: Secrets To Success: Next Level Strategies For Artist Management, in conversation with Mike Gillespie (Underworld), Nick Halkes (Liam Howlett / The Prodigy) and Owyn Sidwell (Your Army Management). Expect an incisive analysis of high level artist management strategy from 3 of the UK’s top managers as they compare and contrast their individual management strategies and examine how their approach to management has expanded and evolved through and in response to the internet streaming revolution.
    • Day: Thursday, 11th October
    • Time: 10.30 – 11.30
    • Venue: Oval Space
    • Panellists:
      • Mike Gillespie (The Sunday Club, Underworld)
      • Owyn Sidwell (Your Army)
      • Nick Halkes (XL Recordings)
  • Panel 3 (Showcase):
    • Title: THE LMC TEN Showcase
    • Description: 10 Labels – 5 Rooms – 1 Night
    • Day: Thursday, 11th October
    • Time: 22.00 – 06.00
    • Venue: Ministry of Sound
    • Labels involved:
      • Deeplomatic
      • Syncopate Afterhours
      • Parquet
      • Chapter 24
      • High Tea
      • Fokuz Recordings
      • Saucy Music
      • No Tomorrow
      • Ignition
      • Crownsnest Audio
  • Panel 4 (Conference Panel):
    • Title: Using Brand Partnerships To Power Music
    • Description: 10 years ago the notion of involving global brands in music projects was uncool and taboo. Today artists and managers are engaging global brands as partners in the creation of music and video on an undreat of scale. A panel of the UK’s leading minds from the sponsored content space discuss how to access this exciting market space and the rules of engagement that artists need to be aware of when seeking investment from corporate partners for music projects.
    • Day: Thursday, 11th October
    • Time: 10.30 – 11.30
    • Venue: The Pickle Factory
    • Panellists:
      • Paul Nickeas (Midem)
      • Tom Carson (Mast-Jägermeister UK)
      • Meena Ysanne (Meena’s Tribute Orchestra)
      • Inder Phull (KRPT)
  • Panel 5 (Masterclass):
    • Title: Workshop with Mad Professor in Dub Mixing
    • Description: In his masterclass you can expect to learn more about the history of Mad Professor and Ariwa, Dub and Reggae in the UK as well as future changes and new technologies.
    • Day: Saturday, 13th October
    • Time: 14.00 – 15.00
    • Venue: The Pickle Factory
    • Panellist: Mad Professor
  • Panel 6 (Conference panel):
    • Title: VR, AR, MR: The Next Great Hype Or The Future Of Music & Entertainment?
    • Description: Immersive technology like Virtual and Augmented Reality has the power to completely reshape the music industry and redefine what live performance is. A hand picked selection of high level experts from the immersive technology space discuss some of most exciting new technologies impacting the music industry and examine how to use immersive technology to reach fans and extend creative potential.
    • Day: Thursday, 11th October
    • Time: 15.30 – 16.30
    • Venue: The Pickle Factory
    • Panellists:
      • Greg Ivanov (Google Daydream)
      • Philip Mackenzie (Reality Decks)
      • Shamsher Walia (Floss Creaties)
      • Tom Szirtes (Mbryonic / Amplify VR)
  • Panel 7 (Showcase):
    • Title: Night Light Records Showcase
    • Description: Sinisa Tamamovic and Mladen Tomic present
    • Day: Thursday, 11th October
    • Time: 19.00 – 04.00
    • Venue: UNDR Hackney (formerly The Nest)
    • Line-up:
      • Anthony Castaldo
      • Juliet Fox
      • Melody’s Enemy
      • Mladen Tomic
      • Paride Saraceni
      • Sinisa Tamamovic
      • Transcode
      • Vinicius Honorario
  • Panel 8 (Masterclass):
    • Title: 50:HERTZ and Make Your Transition Production Workshops
    • Description: 2 days filled with production masterclasses in Techno and House, presented by Paul Nolan, Mitch de Klein and a special guest!
    • Day: Friday, 12th October + Saturday, 13th October
    • Time: 10.30 – 16.30
    • Venue: Birthdays
    • Panellists:
      • Mitch de Klein (50:HERTZ)
      • Paul Nolan (Make Your Transition)
  • Panel 9 (Conference panel):
    • Title: Equality in Dance Music
    • Description:
    • Day: Friday, 12th October
    • Time: 15:30 – 16:30
    • Venue: The Pickle Factory
    • Panellists:
      • DESNA
      • CHILLY MOX
      • Georgia Girl
      • Sara Simonit
  • Panel 10 (Masterclass):
    • Title: Production Masterclass with: Sample Tools (Cr2 Records)
    • Description: Sample Tools by Cr2 is the world’s leading sample pack music production company, dedicated to providing high quality, royalty free sample libraries. The subsidiary of world-renowned dance music record label Cr2 gives you the tools and tuition you need to succeed!
    • Day: Saturday, 13th October
    • Time: 10.30 – 11.30
    • Venue: Oval Space
    • Panellist: Larry Holcombe (Sample Tools)