[Out Now] Krewella – Live for the Night (Deniz Koyu & Danny Avila Remix)

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NOV. 7, 2013

Krewella have quickly become the mainstage dance act to remix. After the rampant success of “Alive,” the trio’s followup single “Live For The Night” is already making a similarly pandemic impact. It’s hardly surprising then to see an A-List of remixers for the current single, two of which have made an impact for themselves in the recent past, Deniz Koyu and Danny Avila. They teamed up to unfold the most driving addition to the remix package, already creating a huge buzz and being favored by many in the scene.

Their interpretation builds around the outstanding and meticulously produced sounds of Deniz Koyu and the heavy and relentless force of Danny Avila’s production style, combined with the leading and unmistakable theme of the original. The outcome has everything an EDM fan can wish for and blasts any peak time set to another level.