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Room 4 One More is the follow up to the UK Urban Chart Top 15 track Alright Then which was supported by Martin Solveig, Lucky Charmes, Kokiri and Ed Byas among others.

“This track was the result of our first, slightly drunken session in the studio. We were shouting random phrases and throwing them over a beat we had put together quickly and then suddenly it all clicked. “WOW” we screamed, that’s it! It told us that creatively there is something special when we work together”

The second release on Obviously Recording features remixes from Dance Dons Bart B More and Das Kapital. Bart B More says “I was really into ‘Alright Then’ and then they asked me to remix ‘Room 4 One More’…with that sick vocal I couldn’t refuse! It plays so well into my current musing of UK Garage and basslines, and it makes for an even better drop… well done Passion Froot!”

“Room 4 One More is a really fun and upbeat record, and I love taking tracks like that in a completely different direction” says South Africa’s Das Kapital.
“I set out to make something bashy and rough out of something clean and methodical. The end product is something that draws on a lot of different sounds and ideas I’ve been listening to, to create something a little menacing but most importantly fun. It’s a grimy, rough and tumble track that’s been working a treat for me when I play it out, with just enough feel-good in the breakdown to bring it all crumbling down when it kicks off again.”

Still driven by their desire to make people feel good, the band may want to have fun but there is a serious message there too: “House and Clubbing can be a spiritual experience so it feels natural to say something meaningful in a moment where we are most free”

Listen (Remixes Coming Soon from Bart B More and Das Kapital)

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Passion Froot is an exciting male production and DJ trio of British, Italian and French heritage based in London. Named Passion Froot because of their shared love of cutting edge music and progressive nightlife, the project is a diverse melting pot of musical expression and inspiration.

Having individually worked with everyone from Lil Jon to WSTRN to Sean Kingston to Lady Leshurr, played across London Clubs and done underground pirate, internet and commercial radio,Will, Robin and Mike originally bonded over music, vodka and taking the piss out of everyone and everything – sometimes with the result of phones flying.

As the studio as their ‘oasis’ Passion Froot’s creativity has no boundaries:
“‘Its all about the spiritual and fun side of clubbing, the conscious ravers, who are also house music lovers. As Eddie Amadour said; House music is a spiritual thing” Says Passion Froot member Will.

“This project is a labour of love for us” continues Mike, “The idea is to eliminate ‘the rules’ as such, and allow creativity to be the lead guide and directive.”

Robin, agrees “We are all passionate about what we do, what we put our time into and I’m very much just into great music and vibes”

As a result the Passion Froot sound is a fun, fresh fusion of the trio’s many influences which cover Urban, Pop, Funk, House, Garage and Hip Hop.

Look out for Passion Froot bringing their unique sound to dance floors across the world!