Lane 8 Presents the ‘This Never Happened’ Concept Tour


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Following the success of the inaugural This Never Happened event, Daniel Goldstein aka Lane 8 is taking the no-phones-on-the-dancefloor concept across North America with the first full This Never Happened tour.

“My team and I were super anxious about whether we could pull an event like this off,” explains Daniel on the debut event at Mezzanine in May. “We debated so many different technologies and little tools that could help us accomplish our no-phones-on-the-dancefloor goal, but ultimately we decided that if the fans didn’t buy into the concept and self-enforce the core values, no amount of technology would help us. We focused on getting the message out – letting people know what our vision is and why we think it’s so important. San Francisco is possibly the most tech-hip city in the US, but not only did 99% of people keep their phones in their pockets the entire night, they also had a noticeably better time at the show. That show reinforced even more what we believe in and that what we’re doing is something that the music community actually wants and needs.”
– Lane 8 on the This Never Happened Party

Tickets for the shows are available here.

Meanwhile, the label of the same name continues its bright start with its second release . Having had a #1 HypeMachine moment with the hypnotic debut release ‘Fingerprint’, Lane 8 returns with an EP consisting of ‘Divina’ and ‘Crush’ – out on Beatport.

Named after the Holy Ship vessel it was debuted on, ‘Divina’ is a stripped back progressive builder that has been a consistent crowd pleaser in Lane 8’s sets all year. Whirling synthesizer play and filmic textures frenetically bounce over a four to the floor kick drum at ‘Divina’s peak, making for a track that is quintessential Lane 8 in its combination of simplicity and nuance. Another road-tested blend of progressive and tech elements, ‘Crush’ continues the melodic and hypnotic themes laid down in ‘Divina’.

“Divina and Crush were both written at the beginning of this year. Divina, which is the more banging of the two, was written on the plane as I flew to go play Holy Ship. I played it for the first time on board the MS Divina, and it went absolutely off, so I thought it would be a nice nod to it’s first play to name it after the vessel. Crush came a bit later, it’s a track that took quite a while to finish, as the main arpeggiating melody has a lot of little variations and switches, which is something I always try to focus on to keep the music interesting and engaging. I’ve been playing both of these tracks a ton over the summer and are so thrilled that they are coming out on This Never Happened, as they are 100% in line with what the label is about – those transcendent, dark, beautiful dancefloor moments where everyone can just close their eyes and forget everything for a few hours.”  – Lane 8

Listen to Divina/Crush EP – Out Now

Stream Here: Lane 8 – Divina/Crush EP

This Never Happened Tour Dates

Boston, MA @ Bijou Nightclub & Lounge
Dallas, TX @S tereo Live Dallas
Houston, TX @ Stereo Live
Austin, TX @ Kingdom
Phoenix, AZ @ Monarch Theater
Orlando, FL @ Gilt
Tampa, FL @ The Ritz Ybor
Portland, OR @ Euphoria Nightclub
Seattle, WA @ Neumos
Vancouver, BC @ MIA
Washington, DC @ U Street Music Hall
Miami, FL @ 1306
Denver, CO @ Bluebird Theater
Toronto, ON @ The Hoxton
Los Angeles, CA @ The Fonda Theatre
Oakland, CA @ Fox Theater
Chicago, IL @ Concord Music Hall

Buy tickets here.

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