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Hemi returns on Istanbul based Petra Recordings once more with his Excuse Me EP, we managed to catch up him and see what is going on in the world of Hemi…

How does it feel to be back on Petra Recordings with your ‘Excuse Me’ EP? 

Eren the label boss is a dear friend that I love to hang out with! We share the same taste and same interest also his label Petra holding a respectable position in the local scene and promising for the future with its great catalogue. So really happy to be back!

Talk to us a little bit about the remix from, Tilman. What do you like about it? 

Well due to the amount of work I have been drowning into it took me a while that how cool that Tilman is doing a remix for me. Even though he called it “Beat Remix” the bass he used really putting me in a great vibe!

The classic vocal sample used here, what do you look for in a good sample? How do you discover your samples? 

My main source for vocal loops is definitely youtube! At least they give you good suggestions after stealing that many data from us 🙂 So i think because of that they give me super accurate suggestions when i look into vocals. I wouldn’t say that there’s a specific method but of course harmony is the main thing that i look into.

How would you say Istanbul influences your music? 

I wish Istanbul would be my muse for the house music, but it’s not. Istanbul’s rooftop is one of the loveliest places to play house music but house music is not the main attraction here. Of course, when it’s giving me the peace on a Sunday evening, it influences me to make music but doesn’t shape me in an artistic way. But I am saying this in the sense of house music. A city like Amsterdam and Hamburg I’d say giving you influence in lots of ways to make house music. I also make downtempo music with another alias and for that genre, there are many ways that the city influences me but yeah for house music I would say only the amazing cityscape and the days that have great weather giving me the push to make some house music

What kind of studio set up are you working with? 

Me, a chair, Okish monitors and a veteran Oxygen V2 🙂 As bedroom as it can get.

Can you name 3 artists that inspire you? 

Detroit Swindle, KinK, Pepe Bradock are my muse!

Anything else you would like to let us know about? 

Already another EP is on the way with an amazing In Flagranti remix!! And I missed making house music will try to focus it more. Also my gig at Sisyphos Wintergarten this May was unforgettable! Really looking forward to being back there soon! And thanks a lot for the opportunity <3