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All fired up: BenSöl.

Iceland native Benedikt Sölvi, better known as BenSöl has his followers under his spell. We caught with the firestarter to get the goods ahead of his performance at this weekend’s Secret Solstice Festival.

Innately there’s a trigger that motivates each of us individually. At a soul level, what is it that motivates you? And, how does DJing fit into that?

BenSöl:  That moment when you get the control of the crowd you play for.  You can make them follow you up and down, all around. That is a very fulfilling feeling and makes you feel you did something right. 

One of your favorite musicians, and why their work inspires you?

BenSöl: Think I only know one musician and he is called Ólafur Arnalds. He brought the soul back to techno. 

Words that describe the techno scene in Iceland…

BenSöl: There is no techno scene in Iceland. We have no clubs and no bars that play techno but TONS of really good artists so to summarize into 3 words: Penis, 1337ism, TONS. 

You belong to techno group, Træangulars. We heard you guys played a 7-hour NYE set at Paloma, what is it like celebrating New Year’s in Reykjavik?

BenSöl: Træangular plays house, tech/deep, minimal and techno, it just depends on crowd, atmosphere, and venue. Long sets in Iceland are normal as we usually start early and end late. Same DJ from start until finish, then you have to know the spectrum of music and know how to build up a dancefloor, a lost art for so many. New Year’s Eve can be awesome of course when the right people and venue decide to do something fun. It is not a given that, that happens.   

You’ve DJ’d frequently in Barcelona, what does the city mean to you? Dish on your favorite hangout…

BenSöl: I would not use the word frequently but it has happened every now and then. I love Barcelona and its blooming
nightlife, it’s such a beautiful city with awesome people. I almost call that city home and plan to return as soon as possible. There are
so many favourite places there but just to name a few;
Input, La Terrazza, Macarena and El Pachuco (Mezcal and taco madness). 

5 Essential Albums we should have on our playlist…

BenSöl: Agzilla, Kiasmos, Janus, Exos, Introbeats. Don´t remember their new album names but just find their latest albums. 

I hear you’re a fellow diver, did you get any diving done while you were in St. Maarten for your gig at SXM Festival? Best diving experience so far?

BenSöl: I took my diving certification in The Red Sea a looooong time ago and dive on rare occasions. I usually lie about my experience so the group/instructor/guide take me to pro spots where I usually almost die hahaha, guess I like the thrill. I did not dive in St. Maarten due to intoxication but I will definitely go back to SXM and make it right. In my memory, the first time I dived was the most memorable. 

Is it true that you love hiking just as much as you being under the sea? How do you spend your free time at home?

BenSöl: My life is around partying, clubbing, festivals and such, all around the world. When I’m in Iceland I try to counteract that lifestyle with stuff like hiking, swimming, gym, yoga, and hula hooping. Free time? I don’t know what free time is. 

Where does a born & bred Icelander go in Reykjavik? 5 favorite hangouts

BenSöl: Kaffibarinn is my second home so that has to be number 1 for me. A small bar with a great sound system and local DJs every night. It has been a nightlife establishment for over 20 years. Bravó and Veður are also nice little bars I like at the moment. Snaps is an excellent French/Icelandic fusion restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you want Rock-n-Roll and whiskey, Dillon is the place to be. 

Where do you go to get away in Iceland?

BenSöl: Most Icelanders have a summer cabin in the countryside that they go to with family and friends. That is my favorite place to go and disappear from the world for a short time. 

In another life, what would you do?

BenSöl: Life is right now, not before or after but if I had to choose, I would be a huge ass whale, drifting the ocean with my shlong out and making weird sounds/songs/noises. 

Berlin or Ibiza?

BenSöl: I love both places and can’t choose because they are so wonderfully different. I would recommend experiencing both places and more than once because it always takes time learning the secrets of each place. 

What can we expect from you at Secret Solstice this year?

BenSöl: On site, I am playing very early due to the fact I am also working as Venue Manager for Ragnarök (the after-hours venue) but I guess I am going to be light and sunny on site and go little more underground at the afterparty. 

Future gigs we should know about…

BenSöl: If I am in Iceland, I usually play once a month at Kaffibarinn but now I am concentrating on getting my ass back to Spain, where I belong! 😀  

BenSöl: Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube