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Reimagining Instagram Photos with @DailyDoodleGram

Last May, Geffen Refaeli, a freelance illustrator in Tel Aviv, Israel, uploaded her very first @DailyDoodleGram. The concept: select elements from different pictures appearing in her photo stream and combine them into a doodle! Refaeli then tags the users from whose photos she drew inspiration so that others are able to click through and see the originals.

“It all started pretty casually, practicing and doodling things I liked, using my friends’ Instagram photos as inspiration,” says Refaeli. When it turned out her drawings were a hit, she decided to document them through a dedicated Instagram feed.

“I take screen shots of the photos in which I find some object or situation that intrigues me and I collect them during the day. During this process, I usually start to see a link in my mind between the images, and start to build a story.” Aside from the process of reinterpreting images and ideas from her feed, Rafaeli says, “I love this idea of connecting in this new way with other people.”

Since May, Geffen has shared over 200 drawings. You can follow her daily doodles at instagram.com/dailydoodlegram.