Ibiza Sonica is launching a game changing streaming experience


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Ibizasonica.com Ushers in the Future of Experience Streaming and Transports Music Fans to Ibiza in Real Time

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Fans of the White Isle can now enjoy HD LIVE video streams of Ibiza’s best sunsets, beaches and events coupled with multiple channels of the world’s best electronic music.

Previously only available to those who could make the trip, www.ibizasonica.com now offers listeners from around the world a complete experience that pairs the island’s hypnotising sounds with its unique and unparalleled beauty, and all LIVE. By removing barriers such as distance and cost, Ibiza Sonica’s new platform levels the playing field for music lovers everywhere and allows them to reach the spiritual home of dance music, for free.

Whether it’s a breathtaking sunset from Café Del Mar, or the majestic beauty of Es Vedrá climbing out of the sea, Ibiza Sonica’s new website broadcasts the visual essence of this striking destination in unforgettable fashion. With live video as the background, the site will feature five new linear audio channels in addition to the original Ibiza Sonica, all brought to you by the creative team who already shook up the streaming world when they launched BE-AT.tv in 2009.

Ibiza Sonica is the live feed from Ibiza Sonica’s studio which is also available at 92.4 FM in Ibiza as always.

No More No Less fits the times when you just want to listen to good music, with total freedom, no genre or labels.

Sonicafutura showcases the most experimental and electronic side of Sonica. It’s ideal for moments of relaxation, study or as a soundtrack for cloudy days.

Sonicalm holds, as the name suggests our most soothing music selection. Fine downtempo and balearic music sessions make for timeless sounds that will immediately transport you to a hidden cove in Ibiza.

Soniclub will keep the peak time vibes going 24 hours a day.

Where is The After Party? Never leaves you without something to listen to while you carry on with your friends.

Says Ray Smith (Owner): “Recently, streaming technology has enabled people to experience their favorite places and environments from nearly anywhere. With this new Ibiza Sonica platform, music fans from around the world can fully immerse themselves in Ibiza, one of the world’s most magical and coveted destinations. Ibiza Sonica has always represented the best-in-class of electronic music. The trick was trying to contextualize Sonica’s forward-thinking sounds in an entirely new way that conveyed the essence and beauty of Ibiza for someone half way around the world.”

Igor Marijuan (Managing Director) adds: “This is a clear step forward that reflects the evolution of Ibiza Sonica. After exclusively focusing on our music and channel, I felt it was time to give something back to the island, and show what we love about Ibiza.  My Ibiza is a kaleidoscope of all the wonderful artists we get to work with and their unique and individual styles of music.  By adding 5 more music channels + Ibiza Sonica live to the listening experience, every style of Ibiza Sonica has it’s own outlet.  So there is no choice but to stay connected to us for any sound or vibe you want.  Now you will be able to actually feel the island and experience Sonica`s world from wherever you are. Bienvenidos…”

A virtual portal to the island and its storied musical heritage, www.IbizaSonica.com offers fans an entirely new way to consume music.  With a slick user interface and an endless stream of the world’s biggest artists as guests, as well as a continued dedication to exclusively streaming the best live events from around the world, Ibiza Sonica forges ahead into its second decade looking and sounding stronger than ever.

What are you waiting for? Never has Ibiza been at your fingertips than now. See for yourself and soak it all in.