Get Romantic with Dada Life, R3HAB and Paul van Dyk Valentine’s Day weekend!

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JAN. 11, 2015

The love is in the air, the struggle is on to find a valentine before d-day, you can just smell the store bought chocolates and red roses now. Heat things up this Valentine’s Day by making a whole weekend out of the lovely holiday that lands on a Saturday this year! 

Friday, February 13– set the vibes for the weekend and go bananas with Dada Life at the Dada Land compound, a secret Brooklyn warehouse whose location is still a surprise:


The secret warehouse in New York is just the first of the set of stops Dada Life is making for their new “Dada Land Compound Tour 2015,” where they create the true meaning of Dada Land. There’s no rules but the rules of Dada, go bananas! And remember that FREAKS HAVE MORE FUN! See Dada Life for a special Valentine’s Day weekend!

Tickets are now on sale HERE!

Saturday, February 14– Get your fix of R3HAB on Valentine’s Day at Pacha NYC.


Get your tickets to R3HAB HERE!

Sunday, February 15–The love doesn’t end after Valentine’s Day and Paul van Dyk is coming to NYC to play a 6 hour set at his own little secret warehouse.


Tickets are now on sale HERE!

Claudia Manganiello