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May 22, 2013 NYC

Off the back of successful singles such as ‘Exceeder’, ‘Nudge’, ‘Bassive’, ‘2 Nite’, ‘WOW’ and other hits, Brazilian DJ and production duo Felguk have now released a preview to their upcoming track ‘Blaze It Up’ Feat. Mr. Shammi on YouTube. Set to come out on Monday 28th May via their own label, Dongle Records.
Felipe “Fel” Lozinsky and Gustavo “Guk” Rozenthal – better known to the world as FELGUK – have established themselves as one of, if not THE biggest dance music act in Brazil through consistently unleashing massive electro smashes to their swarms of fans across South America and all over the world, ever since the pair discovered their shared passion for electronic music and joined forces back in 2007. This stream of hard-hitting electro-house releases from the young duo continues with ‘Blaze It Up’, which features the vocal styling of Trinidadian singer Mr. Shammi, who has previoiusly lent his considerable talents to tracks such as Bob Sinclar’s ‘Me Not A Gangsta’. Felguk deliver their production expertise with absolute precision, combining dub tones and snarling waves of electro effortlessly and using the natural change-up in pace from one style to another to create monstrous drops.
‘Blaze It Up’ and the other track to feature on the release – ‘Monka’ – came out of a series of intensive studio sessions while working on their upcoming EP earlier this year, however the duo felt that that their different energies and made-for-dance-floor natures set them apart and warranted a separate release. The EP is slated to come out in July and will feature an impressive remix package to sit against the outstanding Felguk originals. Watch this space for more news!