[Out Now] Feed Me’s Psychedelic Journey + Tour Dates

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JULY 22, 2014

In May, Feed Me revealed the return of his newly enhanced Teeth show and plans for a new EP on Sotto Voce. Today he gives all his fans what they’ve all been waiting for, with his hard hitting four track EP titled Feed Me’s Psychedelic Journey
Representing the intrinsic mind of Feed Me, while taking time off the road, “Feed Me’s Psychedelic Journey ” reflects the raw emotions of consideration, recuperation, awakening and transcendence. Time for Myself is filled with screeching synth patterns, blindsided by twists and turns paired with energetic bass.
“‘Patience’ is my frustration at having to stop, and a reflection on the past. ‘Time For Myself’ is a reconnection with my energy and humour. ‘Alarm Clock’ is a stride into new territory and a reminder of why I love what I do, and ‘Without Gravity’ is being comfortable in my skin again.” – Feed Me
Feed Me’s Psychedelic Journey” is in conjunction with his new Teeth show, starting August 2nd in New York at Terminal 5, and will travel across North America through the middle of September with support from Treasure Fingers, Delta Heavy, Le Castle Vania, as well as Sotto Voce artists Tjani and Zeros on select dates. Jon Gooch has magnified his Teeth Show amplifying the already cinematic concept and bringing an entirely new visual and lighting show with the newest equipment available. The journey promises to include 100% original material including the new EP, Calamari Tuesday and loads of Feed Me favorites.
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Tickets for Feed Me’s Psychedelic Journey: