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MAY 9, 2014

With brand new material just weeks away, 21 year-old musical prodigy Fareoh has gifted one of his masterful productions. Available now as a free download for all to enjoy, ‘Daydream’ is a sumptuous slice of pumping complextro that will really help kick things up a gear as the start of summer approaches.
A melody of chopped up electro licks, punchy slap bass and an undercurrent of carefully selected synths whirl around in effortless harmony to give ‘Daydream’ seemingly endless energy throughout. It’s an amazing musical rollercoaster that jumps around from start to finish and sits against the heartfelt passion contained in the vocals. Every single detail and intricacy of the track is on display and it gives a wonderfully deep insight into just how incredibly talented a producer Fareoh is.
Having buried himself in his studio overlooking the Hudson River in order to achieve the perfect soundscapes for his creative vision, Fareoh now has a stream of awesome new material set to come out in the next few months. ‘Daydream’ and previous release ‘Runaway’ show a lighter side to the New Yorker, whereas fans can expect to hear some harder hitting, bass heavy electro and progressive house tunes that were built to blow the roofs off of nightclubs. Fareoh’s versatility and ability to test and then master varying styles are testament to his incredible talent as a producer. If this piece of genius is anything to go by, the future is looking extremely bright for this rapidly rising star. In addition to the abundance of monumental new music, tour dates will also be announced in the very near future so watch this space!