EXCLUSIVE: Zoey Hasselbank – WECANDANCE Festival 2019


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Zoey Hasselbank commanded the Bloody Louis Stage like a pro on the second day (10 August). The Belgian DJ had the crowd going wild from beginning to end.

Before her set, Zoey gave us the lowdown from who to see, and how to blend in like a local. And, as a treat check out the exclusive podcast for We Own The Nite.

We Own The Nite NYC X DJ – Zoey Hasselbank WECANDANCE Festival Belgium 2019 [Exclusive]

On how she prepares for a festival like WECANDANCE?

I never really prepare a set. Like every set I make a selection of a few songs I know that will definitely work and go into freestyle mode. Is this a good way to work? I have no idea but this has always worked for me lol.

Is this your first WECANDANCE performance?

No. Actually, it’s my fourth year playing at this festival.

Being a WECANDANCE veteran, what she’s looking forward to this year

Just to be at the festival. This is one of my favorite festivals to attend.

On what to expect from her at WECANDANCE

Lot’s of new Hip-Hop but also some classics and I love playing sing-alongs!

On who she’s excited to see

I really wanna check out We are Mitch. A DJ duo consisting of (is this proper English?) two girls named Marie-France and Elsa. You’ll definitely see me hang around the Bloody Louis stage a lot! Bloody Louis is one of the biggest popular clubs here in Belgium and they’ve put all their resident DJ’s on their stage. If I’m attending the festival on Sunday I’ll probably be at the Trillers stage. Their line-up is also amazing!

On how to blend in an all-Belgian Festival

Best put on some comfortable closed shoes! There’s a lot of sand, obviously, it’s on a beach lol. Or you can take your shoes off and go barefoot!

Belgian DJ, Zoey Hassel bank, has come a long way.  She started her career around March 2015. Although her career is at an early stage she managed to put her print in some of the biggest clubs.

She gained more experience with her monthly residency at Purple Vibes concept, $AVAGE$, where she got the opportunity to perform next to artists such as The Cozy Boys from ASAP MOB a collective with Asap Rocky as one of the members, Playboi Carti, J Stash, French rapper Niska and Hamza a local artist.

Zoey Hasselbank’s musical universe is mainly dark and trill.  But by freestyling during her sets, she can adapt herself and anticipate to the public.  She has a good knowledge of the hip-hop culture, which allows her to deliver multiple unknown tracks and bring the venue to an undiscovered musical world.

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