[Exclusive Interview] Felix Kröcher Discusses Twenty Year Career and New Single ‘Faceless Fears’


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Following a slew of critically acclaimed releases on the likes of Terminal M, Tronic, Suara and Filth On Acid over the course of 2019, longstanding German techno kingpin Felix Kröcher looks to kick off the brand new decade – and his twentieth year in the music industry – in emphatic fashion as he announces the forthcoming release of his latest juggernaut single, Faceless Fears.

Out on February 7 via his very own self-titled imprint ‘Felix Kröcher’, Faceless Fears sees the Frankfurt-based talent team up with Australian singer Haptic for the pair’s debut collaboration, and one of Felix’s finest vocal cuts to date.

We caught up with Felix to find out more…

Hi Felix, thanks for taking the time to chat with us here at WOTN! How are you today mate? 

Hey guys! Pleasure chatting with you! 

I am feeling great. Weather is great outside and my new single is just coming out in a couple of weeks. Exciting times!  

Where in the world are you right now? 

I am currently sitting in my garden at home, enjoying the sun.  

Congratulations on the forthcoming release of your brand new single Faceless Fears, featuring Haptic. Can you tell us a bit more about this record and how it came about? 

This single was intended to be a bit more melancholic then the usual stuff I am putting out. This atmosphere is perfectly underlined by the voice of Haptic. A great Australian vocalist, who I just discovered the end of last year. I nearly never heart anybody with such a voice.

2020 sees you celebrate twenty years at the forefront of electronic music. What, in your opinion, does it take to sustain such a long and successful career in such a cutthroat industry? 

Staying strong all the time. And never giving up! That’s it to be honest.  

How do you feel about the modern-day landscape of electronic music? 

It’s constantly changing. How people are consuming music, new artists coming up, new labels launch, new festivals come and go. It’s fast-living nowadays and you just have to know where you are heading in this electronic music scene nowadays.  

What has been the biggest change you’ve seen in the industry over the last twenty years? 

It has changed in such a lot ways! I think the technical aspect changed a lot. Everything is accessible everywhere nowadays, wheter it’d be music streaming or DJ / Producer equipment. That changed a lot over the last two decades I guess! 

How would you describe your sound to somebody that’s never heard your music? 

To say it in a few words:  

Techno influenced, Energetic, Broad, Grooving.  

Besides dance music, what other genres do you draw influence from that may be difficult to hear for the average listener? 

In my free time, I tend to hear all possible music on the radio. Possibly that’s also subconsciously influencing my style!  

Can you recall a specific moment in your youth that made you think “this is what I want to do in life” ?  

When I played Loveparade back in the days I knew that this is the way I want to go in my life. It was such a special memory I’ll never forget and I am still super thankful for that! But every time I play live is a moment I still think, that I wouldn’t know what else to do for a living! 

Could you name a few artists or albums you listened to when you were younger that helped shape who you are now? 

I was influenced by the whole electronic scene in Frankfurt around Sven Väth, Chris Liebing, Ralf Hildenbeutel or the label Logik. But also the classic vinyl stores shaped my style in away. I loved spending hours in there just going through new music!   

What’s next for you following this release? Any new music or tours you can tell us about? 

We are celebrating my 20th stage anniversary this year so tons of stuff is planned! Next, I am releasing a new single with Cari Golden, which is coming out a few weeks after Faceless Fears. We are also working on a tour already and there is much more stuff in the making!  

Any plans to play in NYC this year? 

Nothing fixed yet! Still would love to come. Has been a while since my last time!  

Finally, what advice would you give to younger artists who aspire for longevity in this industry?   

Stay true to yourself, find your sound & never give up!  

Felix Kröcher – Faceless Fears (feat. Haptic) will be released on February 7. Pre-order here.