Joachim Garraud and Perry Farrell Blast Off With ‘Everybody’ Music Video

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The French electro legend Joachim Garraud has teamed with rock legend Perry Farrell for the new club jam, ‘Everybody,’ out on Ultra Music Friday, March 14 th.  Sure to be another dancefloor smash, the electro stomper is punctuated by Perry’s call for everybody to join the dance.
The video sees the duo as strangers in a strange land, the brave heroes of a Flash Gordon style sci-fi adventure.  The pair crash land on an alien planet under a mysterious curse. Etty Farrell is the princess who gives the pair special powers to help bring dance and the groove back her people, but will it be enough?
Perry Farrell’s best known as the frontman for the alternative rock band Jane’s Addiction, and for creating the Lollapalooza festival as a farewell tour for Jane’s Addiction in 1991. Farrell has led the alternative rock groups Porno for Pyros and Satellite Party; he is also a DJ.
‘Everybody is Joachim’s second release on Ultra Music, and coming off his last hit “MotherSpaceShip Alarm.  He’s astounded crowds the world over with his INVASION Show, where sound and vision meet to become art experiences, incorporating the music, video, and 3D visuals that take the club experience to the next level.  He’s worked with everyone in the scene, remixing, producing and composing with artists as diverse as David Guetta, Jean-Michel Jarre, Deep Dish, David Bowie, Kylie Minogue, Cassius, Moby, Robbie Rivera… and many more. Joachim developed the unique concept of blending DJ-ing and live musical improvisation, thus giving a true concert which soon gave him the opportunity to perform all over the World. Today, he is beloved by an enthusiastic tight knit community that rallies around the Space Invader mascot.

Everybody’ will be available on Beatport March 14 th 
See Joachim Live:
March 12 – Republic Live – Unofficial SXSW showcase – Austin, TX
March 14 – Perry & Etty Farrell vs. Joachim Garraud – SXSW – Austin, TX
You can also catch special performances of Joachim Garraud, Perry & Etty Farrell playing a set together at Lollapalooza’s South America dates:
March 29 & 30 – Santiago, Chile
April 1 & 2 – Buenos Aires, Argentina
April 5 & 6 – Sao Paulo, Brazil
Joachim Garraud