7UP joins Insomniac to create new digital experience “EDC Curated”

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JUNE 17, 2014

For the first time ever, Insomniac will broadcast the largest multi-day music festival in North America through a new online experience called “Electric Daisy Curated,” aka “EDC Curated.” 

Fans who are not able to be a part of this year’s sold out Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), Las Vegas in person will be able to tune in and watch portions of the event from their location of choice, whether that is home on the couch or with friends at a gathering, as Insomniac and partner 7UP curate select content to share during each of the festival’s three nights.

Foregoing the traditional live stream approach, Insomniac will curate, compile and stream video from multiple feeds throughout the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, from the grandstands to the stages, to cameras capturing artist interviews and other behind-the-scenes action.

“For years, I’ve been debating whether or not we should broadcast EDC Vegas online, but after watching other events adopt live-streaming, I felt that a traditional approach wasn’t for us,” said Pasquale Rotella, CEO and founder of Insomniac. “Sure, it may capture the crowds and the artists, but our experience is about so much more than that. That’s why we’re getting away from the traditional live stream format and creating something completely different. With EDC Curated, we are producing a unique experience that allows those watching around the world to select and view handpicked footage that highlights different aspects of the show. In doing so, we also preserve the experience for those fans that attend in the flesh.”

Powered by 7UP, Insomniac will leverage digital technology in never-before-seen ways to document the festival with more than 50 cameras at eight stages, including the Wide Awake Art Car and the Discovery Project stage, which will be used to capture the action, while Insomniac selects only the most interesting aspects of the experience for the viewers. 

“We are constantly looking to evolve and create unique experiences for fans, and by powering the first ever Electric Daisy Curated content, 7UP was able to accomplish just that,” says Dave Falk, vice president of marketing for 7UP. “This approach is unique because fans that aren’t physically able to attend can choose from one of 10 camera feeds that will capture power house performances from some of their favorite artists. We’re thrilled that we are able to bring the sights, sounds and overall experience of Electric Daisy Carnival to the fans at home through our #7x7UP camera.”

EDC Curated will have teams stationed at EDC’s various stages as well as cameras placed everywhere from the grandstands and the carnival rides to inside quadcopters flying overhead, providing a special “owl’s-eye view” of the expected record-breaking 400,000 revelers.

EDC Curated will be broadcast on Insomniac.com and will occur from 8:30 pm PST to 8:30 am PST on June 20, 21, and 22. Footage shared via EDC Curated will be available for one time only and will not be rebroadcast.