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[Take Us Back Thursday] Snowbombing 2016

DOORLY Live at Rompa’s Reggae Shack (Mayrhofen, Austria)

Fresh off the Mayrhofen, enjoy this 90 minute treat recorded from Rompa’s Reggae Shack 2 weekends ago at Snowbombing 2016. Listen to Doorly’s reggae, hip hop and jungle set and transport yourselves to the majestic mountains of Austria.

Here’s a message from Doorly to Snowbombing on his set:

God knows how many
times I’ve played this festival, its always a week long blur and my
ridiculous and often life altering experiences over the years seem to
have merged into one, but having to skip a year last season due to my
USA tour / Studio commitments really made this one extra special for me
and reminded me why i love you so much Snowbombing you beautiful son of a

The resort, venues and around Vibes of the place have
developed into a dream as a customer enjoying the experience. The crowd,
most of whom, have probably been even more times than me have become a
kind of a religion of a group that really get into the spirit and
wonkyness of whats going on like nowhere else on earth.

A Highlight for me this year MR Motivator MCing over my set up at the top of the mountain, didnt think that would ever happen!

recorded all of my sets but probably the most special for me personally
and the one that i wanted to post up to sum up my festival this year
was when i played up at Rompa’s Reggae shack on Thursday afternoon up
the mountain right in the middle of the slopes. A Lot of people don’t
know that i come from a hip hop / turntablism background but i rarely
get chance to really jam it out these days as i really focussed my sound
as a producer over the last few years so i really only play house music
& disco in the clubs these days so having the chance to mash up
music again with no boundaries for a special one off was ridiculous fun
and reminded me why i got into this DJ malarky in the first place!

Anyway….. I love you….. Thank you and i hope you enjoy listening to this as much as i enjoyed playing it!

See you next year obviously

Doorly xxx

RZhuklevich (@Narikonyc)