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April 3, 2013 NYC

DJ SHADOW will kick off his “ALL BASSES COVERED” tour in San Francisco, Friday, April 5th

There are few DJs who stand the test of time through their innovative ways of music productions. Take for instance, this San Francisco based DJ and producer who continues to set standards falling into the exception rather than the rule in today’s electronic music frenzy.
Rolling Stone included DJ Shadow’s groundbreaking Endtroducing album in both The 100 Best Debut Albums of All Time and The 100 Best Albums of the Nineties; sporting how This is DJ culture at its boldest: steeped in the past but zooming into the Space Age future.
In 2012, All Basses Covered reflected material from a variety of sounds ranging from hard core rap to footwork and juke, to dubstep and beyond as a showcase of memorable mixtapes and new releases. This year however, DJ Shadow will incorporate unreleased productions and live remixes by switching from playing on drum pads to digital software and Pioneer CDJs. As a 28-year veteran of the electronic music scene, he credits his staying power to knowing when and how to adapt. However, DJ Shadow stays true to his old-school hip-hop and disc jockey roots, saying in a Quietus interview, “To me it doesn’t matter if it’s a crate of records or a stack of CDs or a playlist of MP3s. I still buy vinyl and I would still prefer to play vinyl where possible.”
When asked if DJ Shadow minds using digital DJing software, he joked around saying, “There is one thing I will say. If Serato gives you access to thousands of songs, why are all the DJs still playing the same ten songs over and over and over again?”
Read the full interview by The Quietus HERE.
This Spring is your chance to witness the legend himself. As DJ Shadow brings back the All Basses Covered 2013 tour, he is set to premier a slew of new antics across the United States. The tour will display a whole new take on DJ Shadow’s typical mixing style, while still throwing down his distinctive sound that brings people of all different musical tastes and backgrounds together to enjoy.
Later this week, DJ Shadow kicks things off in his hometown at San Francisco ’s legendary Low End Theory for a rather intimate show on April 5. As opposed to last year’s tour, All Basses Covered 2013 will be hosted by venues who value the communal experience of music and high-quality sound over exclusivity and bottle service. By playing in quality atmospheres like Brooklyn’s new Funktion-One Sound System club, Output on April 11, and the legendary outdoor amphitheater, Red Rocks in Colorado on June 1; DJ Shadow will truly be able to stand behind his sophisticated sound.
Fans can follow DJ Shadow’s tour on Twitter or tweet your personal show experience by using the hashtag #AllBassesCovered2013!
U.S. Tour Dates:

4/05/13  San Francisco, CA @Low End Theroy

4/11/13  Brooklyn, NY @Output

4/12/13  Pittsburgh, PA @Altar Bar

4/13/13  Portland, ME Port City @Music Hall

4/14/13  Santa Ana, CA @The Observatory

5/02/13  Minneapolis, MI @Mill City Nights

5/03/13  Milwaukee, WI @Turner Hall Ballroom

5/04/13  Madison, WI @Majestic Theatre

5/09/13  Austin, TX @The Belmont

5/10/13  Tulsa, TX @IDL Ballroom

5/11/13  El Paso, OK @Tricky Falls

5/18/13  Belden, CA @Belden Town Resort

5/19/13  Mountain View, CA @Shoreline Amphitheatre

5/31/13  Lincoln, NE @Bourbon Theatre

6/01/13  Golden, CO @Red Rocks

DJ Shadow, who is rightly regarded as one of the most influential and consistently innovative artists to emerge from music in the last 20 years, released four collections of his finest recordings on September 25, 2012 via UMe. DJ Shadow is known as an electronic musical pioneer and “turntable mastermind” (Pitchfork). Reconstructed: The Best Of DJ Shadow was released on one single CD and double vinyl, while Reconstructed: The Definitive DJ Shadow was issued as a multi-disc box set. Limited to 500 copies worldwide, each set is individually signed by DJ Shadow and includes 8 discs, 1 x 12” vinyl record, as well as a booklet, featuring an essay by acclaimed music writer Dave Tompkins, and numerous photos, some exclusive, by long time Shadow collaborator B+. With stunning artwork and design by Trevor Jackson, the box set is the most ambitious and comprehensive retrospective ever assembled to represent Shadow’s output. “It’s never an easy task to sum up a career in one release,” says Shadow, “but this box comes pretty close. This is the definitive, final document of the sound I’m most known for.” The box is available exclusively from

All the music across the three formats is drawn from Shadow’s 20-year career – from the early pre-Mo Wax days, right up to the present and his most recent album, The Less You Know, The Better. Perhaps most exciting to Shadow fans is the inclusion of two brand new tracks, including the pop masterpiece “Listen,” featuring legendary vocalist Terry Reid.
Josh Davis, aka DJ Shadow, changed the game in 1996 with the release of his universally acclaimed debut album Endtroducing… Made entirely from samples, Endtroducing… was like nothing that had come before. As the New York Times stated, “the critically acclaimed ‘Endtroducing’ … helped define the then cutting-edge genre of instrumental hip-hop: dance music with symphonic sweep built from scores of samples dug out of eclectic and often obscure recordings.” And TIME Magazine named it as one of 100 top albums since 1954. Sixteen years on and it remains as potent and revered an album as it was on release. Shadow followed up two years later by making the lion’s share of the music on the 1998 U.N.K.L.E. album, Psyence Fiction, an album with James Lavelle, featuring Thom Yorke, Ian Brown and Richard Ashcroft amongst others. By the time he released The Private Press, 2002, Davis felt he had taken emotive instrumental music created entirely from samples – as far as it could go and the new record took Shadow into new territories confounding those who were waiting on Endtroducing… Part 2. The Private Press remains one of the most underrated follow-up albums. The Outsider (2006) saw DJ Shadow making a hip-hop record featuring some of leading exponents of the Bay Area’s then burgeoning Hyphy scene while last year’s The Less You Know, the Better, was, according to according to Stool Pigeon magazine, “a testament to his enduring sampling genius.”
Stream The Infamous South Beach Set All Basses Covered, December 2012 HERE on Beatport!
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