Dirty South is back in NYC this Saturday at Webster Hall!!

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NOV. 20, 2014


Dirty South is back in New York City after the insane Halloween weekend at Pier 94. But this time he comes with loads of new music from his recent album release “With You.

Listen to “With You"below, and the full album here.

What began as the renowned DJs sophomore album turned into something even bigger when he saw a way to tell a story about the music through a film. If you enjoy what’s coming of Dirty South, you can purchase"With You” the movie here and WIth You” the album here.

In addition, Dirty South’s album has been out all of 2 weeks, and already has artists Autograf, SNBRN, and Elephante. doing remixes of his song “Unbreakable.” And this week Dirty South released his own new mix for his song “Freefallin,’” a continuation of the original, which was given to fans as a free download amassing over 120k Soundcloud plays. Taking on the stunning original, Dirty South transforms his emotionally beautiful down tempo track into a gripping electronic production perfect for clubs. This remix showcases Dirty South’s talent for a variety of electronic production.

Check it out here:

You can purchase the dancey new remix of “Freefallin’” with the gorgeous voice of Gita Lake on Beatport here.

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