Chocolate Puma: How You Doin’?

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Chocolate Puma likes their chocolate, dark chocolate to be exact. They may have gotten a tad healthier but they have not slowed down. Racking up countless airport miles – “I don’t know, too many to count,” as Gaston tries to fathom, Chocolate Puma are tirelessly running around the globe.

Their new track “Rubberband Lazer” is a subwoofers dream, with “absolutely no thinking” behind it. The track only took a couple of hours to produce; they tweaked the synth and bassline and found the perfect sound. It’s not that easy sometimes though; they both have “What the F!” days and where studio time exceeds 8 hours.

Guest collaborations are nothing but a thang nowadays and Chocolate Puma have worked with quite a few. One in particular stands out. Diplo, the trendsetter for all things cool vibed with these gents, making an unreleased beat. The beat has not yet to be agreed upon, but we will keep our ears to the pavement. 

“I can’t imagine ghost producers.” Everything is original, live, we play off each other.” Live and original, that’s the name of the game. With the “push play’ controversy it’s encouraging to hear Gaston and René are still flying fearlessly.

With a hate/love with TSA Agents, Chocolate Puma is ready to tour again this summer looking to show Gen Y & Z what proper house music is all about.