The DIRTYBIRD Campout Returns, October 7-9 To Oak Canyon Park – Silverada, CA

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Loyal campers rejoice, it was announced today that DIRTYBIRD Campout will return to Southern California, October 7-9.
Claude VonStroke, Justin Martin, and the rest of the DIRTYBIRD
are bringing you back to camp for another weekend of late
night tom-foolery, upping their game of more than 60 activities
including muddy tug-o-war, kick-ball, BBQ, and of course, booty-quaking

inaugural DIRTYBIRD Campout fulfilled every big kid’s wish of more fun
and less rules, with three ridiculous days of activities, music, and
memories only Counselor Claude could provide. Whether campers spent
their days playing Balloon Toss with J.Phlip, shooting bow and arrows
with Christian Martin, making pizza with Justin Martin or getting
smacked in the face with a dodge ball by Ardalan, at some point the
dance floor came calling, and when it did, it was with the siren song of
some of electronic music’s finest.

Last summer DJs like Daniel Bell and Benoit & Sergio, EPROM and Nosaj Thing, Solar, Laura Jones, Jesse Rose, and
of course the DIRTYBIRD family, sent campers home with unforgettable
musical memories, only to be trumped by the sophomore session this year.

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