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Berlin Nightlife – Watergate Club Week 9

Upcoming lineup at Watergate – February 27th, 2019 thru March 2nd

Watergate Weekly – Watergate Club Week 9

Mr. Ties is one of the few DJs who has been able to build a career in recent years, regardless of what he has published where and with whom, but simply because he is a good DJ who excels in many ways , In one night, Mr. Ties is not just about house and techno from a certain time or a drawer, but a bit about everything that has shaped modern club culture. Local support is available from Deniz Arslan. This gives Deep House, Garage, Techno and Old School a wild mix that still makes sense in the end. Wild at heart!

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He is just getting started. With his fifth album “Propaganda,” Oliver Huntemann once again impressively took the limelight last year. Every track on it a masterpiece in terms of sound design. Marco Resmann has just done a remix for him and infused the huntemann’s sci-fi sound a dynamic punch and this special Darkness, for which his label Upon.You is known for.

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The first party of Oliver Koletzki and his label Stil vor Talent brings in addition to the well-known names some fresh faces into the game. On hand this Thursday, there is SIAN, who was born in Ireland and grew up in Spain and has previously released on well-known labels such as Soma, Pokerflat and Bedrock. The duo Moonwalk was to be heard before the appearance of his “Galactip EP” already out via Diynamic, which should leave open a few questions about the sound of the duo. Galactic!

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According to an African proverb, “If you want to be fast, go alone.” If you want to go far, go with others.” RISE presents Dj’s, live acts, and house and techno producers whose sound has links to traditional African music. RISE is a trifecta: an event company, a record label, and lifestyle. Numerous artists from various African countries have had their first appearances in Berlin here in recent years. Tonight, RISE is teaming up with “Madorasindahouse,” a well-known series of events popular on YOUTUBE, whose Residents Atsou and Le Croque live in Greece and will join RISE in the booth. A real highlight tonight is the special guests Armonica, who landed one of the big hits last year with “Ngeke,” played by Djs from all over the world. In addition to RISE Residents Dede, Walter Griot, MINCO and JAMIIE, there is also the Berliner David Mayer, who accompanies himself on the microphone live from Sooma. Let’s RISE together!

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