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ANGELZ has teamed up with BitTorrent to put together a bundle of
materials called BELIEVE IN ANGELZ that’s he’s offering up for free.
Included in the bundle are 17 edits, vocal stems, and exclusives, many
of which are previously unreleased. Also contained in the bundle are a
desktop background and Facebook banners, communicating the aesthetics of
the ANGELZ project.

The tail end of 2015 finds ANGELZ back on that familiar-but-innovative
tip, with a twist. The former Def Jam signee, who for
years ghost-produced chart topping beats between homework assignments as
a teenager, is tearing up his blueprint and digging into his core,
going back to sampling. Creating slowed down, B-boy type sounds, more
like raw house, ANGELZ is moving towards a different crowd and they’re
certainly paying attention.  

Track List:

1. Coolio – Gangsters Paradise (ANGELZ Intro VIP)

2. Krept & Konan x Jeremih – Freak Of The Week (ANGELZ Edit)

3. Lupe Fiasco x Jill Scott – Daydreamin (ANGELZ Edit)

4. Mac Miller x Pharrell – Onaroll (ANGELZ Edit)

5. ANGELZ – Dolla Bill (feat. Wu-Tang Clan)

6. ANGELZ – Useless (feat. A.J. Crew)

7. ANGELZ – Useless (feat. A.J. Crew) (Instrumental)

8. ANGELZ – Useless (feat. A.J. Crew) (Acapella)

9. Diplo – Revolution (ANGELZ Edit)

10. Pusha T x Future – Move That Dope (ANGELZ Edit)

11. G-Eazy – I Mean It (ANGELZ Edit)

12. Jay Z x Pharrell – Blue Magic (ANGELZ Edit)

13. Juicy J x Young Thug – Low (ANGELZ Edit)

14. High Klassified – Hyrule Kastle (ANGELZ Edit)

15. LondonBridge – Diddy’s House (ANGELZ Edit)

16. ANGELZ – 1 Bad Bitch (feat. Zebra Katz)

17. ANGELZ – Hand On My Gun (Original Mix)

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