BEHIND THE SCENES: ODESZA Detail Their Creative Process with Native Instruments


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Ahead of their A Moment Apart album and tour coming in Fall 2017, ODESZA sit down with internationally celebrated music software and hardware company Native Instruments for a short 4-minute documentary style video that details the duo’s unique creative process.

The video follows Odesza through the streets of Seattle to their home studio alongside b-roll footage of the duo on tour at Red Rocks. In the video, the band discusses the importance of Seattle to their sound, their creative process and what it means to write songs together in partnership and how that affects their work. Additionally, they speak on the importance of Native Instruments’ Maschine software/hardware and the Komplete Kontrol S-Series keyboards to their work and live sets. Watch the video in full by clicking here now.

2017 finds ODESZA’s Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight on the precipice of a musical takeover with their third full-length album ‘A Moment Apart.’ The relentless touring that followed sophomore release ‘In Return’ gave way to prolific studio sessions, and the result is a 16-track album representative of ODESZA’s growth and maturity: weighted atmospheres, shimmering synth lines and familiar feelings of nostalgia, optimism and hope. The advance releases from the album give a glimpse into ODESZA’s dynamic range: from glittering and summery on “Line Of Sight (feat. WYNNE & Mansionair)” to cinematic and emotional on “Corners Of The Earth (feat. RY X)”. Instrumental tracks “Late Night” and “Meridian” bear trademark ODESZA synth and drum work, with the latter ushering in a subtle tone shift into slightly grittier territory. As with their previous studio output, the album’s introspective nature belies the raw energy of the duo’s consistently sold-out live shows. New music, live instrumentation and all-new stage production are in store for the 2017 A Moment Apart Tour, the first incarnation of which debuted to 19,000 fans over two nights in May at the hallowed Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Maschine is the ultimate grove production tool by Native Instruments that is preferred by producers for sketching out the core idea of a track. Used by some of the world’s most prolific creators of hip-hop, dance and pop, Maschine lets users effortlessly create beats and melodies with powerful premium sounds, an integrated sampler, and much more. Based on cutting-edge software and an intuitive hardware design users cherish Maschine for its ultra-smooth workflow that allows you to stay in your creative flow at all times.

Komplete Kontrol S-Series is the ultimate keyboard for studio and stage. The keyboard offers deep integration with virtual instruments from Native Instruments and many others to create an unparalleled creative experience. Instead of searching through thousands of sounds, producers can browse for sounds using musical tags and keywords to quickly find the sound they are looking for across all their virtual instruments, allowing users to stay in the moment of creation. Featuring an innovative Light Guide that mirrors key switches and sound and sample types, as well as helpful play assists features, like playing chords with single keys or mapping the keyboard to hundreds of musical scales, even less experienced producers can create melodies at the touch of a button with premium, professional sounds.

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