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April 12, 2013 NYC


A State of Trance 600 – mixed by Armin van Buuren, ATB, Rank 1, W&W and Andrew Rayel

Unifying millions of electronic dance music fans from all across the globe, while commemorating a milestone in trance history. A State of Trance 600 was a unique happening, witnessed by the entire EDM community. Bringing you the warm atmosphere of the events, while reflecting upon 12 years of extraordinary music, is the official A State of Trance 600 album. Including mixes by Armin van Buuren, ATB, W&W, Rank 1 and Andrew Rayel, this is ‘A State of Trance 600’.

12 shows in 11 countries, divided over 10 weeks. That is, and was, the A State of Trance 600 ‘The Expedition’ world tour. It brings together more than 20 million listeners, who celebrate the 600th episode of their beloved radio show A State of Trance. Armin van Buuren’s radio show, who’s hosting the weekly 2-hour show with nothing but passion for music. A State of Trance 600 is one of the biggest highlights in his impressive career. Gathering music lovers from all across the globe and uniting them through events and live worldwide broadcasts, made this an unforgettable highlight for electronic dance music. Some of history’s greatest dance classics were premiered in the A State of Trance show and still rule the dance floor today. You’ll find these, amongst brand new tracks, on ‘A State of Trance 600’.  

5CD’s, mixed by 5 of the world’s leading names in EDM, all with their own sound and character. Armin van Buuren, the one true mastermind behind the A State of Trance brand and the flag bearer of the ever-evolving trance movement. ATB, the German legend that managed to maintain on top for more than 20 years. Rank 1, arguably the most talented producer and DJ duo in The Netherlands and responsible for some of EDM’s biggest classics. W&W, the fastest rising duo in dance land, leaders of the next generation. Andrew Rayel, today’s promise for the future of trance.

Altogether, they’ll take you on a ride into the past 12 years of A State of Trance. From the big classics to the future ones. Despite their differences in sound, there’s one thing that binds the mixes of Armin van Buuren, ATB, Rank 1, W&W and Andrew Rayel: love for music. And that unites us all.

Available at iTunes: http://bit.ly/ASOT600Mixed_iT   


Available at Armada Shop: http://bit.ly/14sEUOD  


Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7t9RqSa32U     



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