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APRIL 11, 2014

After opening to critical acclaim, Verboten continues to elevate Brooklyn’s underground art and music scene with a variety of culture programming, including the launch of ‘Art is Verboten’ By Mike Dreeland, Wasabassco at Verboten: Danger!, Music Unites: Youth Music Education, and PopGun presents Adult..
April 11 ‘Art is Verboten’ By Pop Artist Mike Dreeland
FREE ART SHOW 8:00PM-11:00PM with sponsored bar by Belvedere Vodka, Jameson Irish Whiskey and Veuve Cliquot
Defined as a 21st century artist by the nature of his work, M.Dreeland introduces a pop art style that mixes basic acrylics and techniques from old masters with hi-tech tools of the present and future. Modern technology, with the use of graphic design programs, has allowed M.Dreeland to spotlight a unique step and repeat style by using multiple layers and common objects. Thick paint and bold colors characterizes M.Dreeland’s work. M.Dreeland collaborates with the music and lifestyle team at Verboten on the launch of their eponymous nightlife venue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to display custom M.Dreeland pieces within the venue.
April 19 Wasabassco at Verboten: Danger!
NYC’s daring burlesque show Wasabassco returns to Verboten for its second run bringing extravagant acts, biggest props, and unique performances – striptease, aerial, fire and more. This month, Wasabassco presents “Danger!”, an evening of powerful women and dashing men throwing caution to the wind – because danger is sexy and sexy is their middle name. The non-stop action and circus-like energy will leave guests in awe and craving more of this ever-changing monthly event. Wasabassco’s Verboten shows are hosted by the fabulous Golden Glamazon herself, Sydni Deveraux. April 19 stars include Nasty Canasta, Evelyn Vinyl, Hazel Honeysuckle, Stache Novak, Perle Noire, Albert Cadabra, Poison Ivory, Donny Vomit and stage kitten Amanda Whip.
April 22 Music Unites: Youth Music Education
Music Unites is a national charity with the mission to raise academic and lifetime achievement for at-risk public school students through the support and creation of unique music education partnerships and programs. By providing free after-school music programs to youth through school-based partnerships, along with special monthly workshops designed in alignment with standards for career and college readiness, Music Unites also leverages student’s innate talents and elevates the next generation of performers by providing audiences, venues, and special performance opportunities, while at the same time enriching the listening experience of the public with performances from aspiring artists across a wide range of genres that exist in the increasingly diverse world of music. On April 22, Music Unites will host DJ lessons, vocal lessons, and sampling lessons at Verboten aiming to help educate and guide youth toward planning and achieving responsible goals for their future.
May 7 PopGun presents Adult.
Verboten is thrilled to present its first live concert in conjunction with PopGun. Hailing from Detroit, Adult. has put out a number of electrifying releases on the ever-adventurous Ghostly label, championing their influential electropunk sound. After taking the proper time to balance the visual and audible sides to their music, Adult. is ready to bring their intense live show on tour. This night is curated by PopGun, Brooklyn’s independent concert and party promotions company.