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May 15, 2013  NYC

Dada Life protégé ANDYBODY releases debut single on So Much Dada.


“The First Bass Is The Deepest” out May 27 – preview here

Hot off his remix of their single “So Young So High,” Dada Life today announces ANDYBODY as the first artist signing to their So Much Dada label. ANDYBODY’s debut single “The First Bass Is The Deepest” is out May 27.

Little is known about ANDYBODY. He’s shrouded in a veil of mystery, opting to use the cover art image of a child as his press photo. Could this be the youngest dance music producer yet…or something else?

“Andybody is the new ambassador of Dada Land. His music is amazing and he has a huge smile so he fits perfectly with us. Actually we found him in a local music store in Stockholm. He was playing on a ukulele in a corner and we heard some amazing riffs. We just saw the potential and signed him right there! 2013 will show that we weren’t wrong.” – Dada Life

One thing is certain; “The First Bass Is The Deepest” is far from child’s play. Hard electro melodies, screaming synths and a dubstep breakdown adhere to the Rules Of Dada and make for a great first artist release for the label.