When Stars Collide: Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler Releases, ‘brent’ EP


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Singers, songwriters, and producers Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler unveil brent—listen HERE!

The five-song extended play features Jeremy and Chelsea’s new single “ you were good to me,” which has amassed over three million Spotify streams and one million video views to date, as well as their duets “please” and “hello old friend,” Jeremy’s song “scared” and Chelsea’s song “sometimes.” On the release of brent, Jeremy and Chelsea want their fans to know:

one week in December, we drove out of NYC to a recording studio built in an old, converted carriage house in Connecticut. we slept on couches & air mattresses & wrote a bunch of songs. at the end of the week, we had ‘brent.’ that cabin held a certain kind of quiet—one punctuated with existential conversations, impromptu jam sessions & early 2000’s rom coms. think of this project as a time capsule, a diary of the process that resulted in one of the most fulfilling musical journeys in either of our lives. these songs kept us warm in the deep snow of December. we hope they can do the same for you.

yours truly, Chelsea & Jeremy

Jeremy Zucker, Chelsea Cutler – you were good to me


In just three days, “you were good to me” amassed more than one million Spotify streams and is currently featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday, It’s A Hit and Pop Rising playlists. brent was written and recorded by Zucker and Cutler in a remote cabin in upstate Connecticut last December.
Read their letter to their fans announcing brent!

When Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler joined forces for “you were good to me,” it was much more than two rising stars combining their natural-born talents; it was two friends sharing their personal conversations (set to music) with the rest of the world. Over the past few years, Zucker has galvanized a dedicated fan base with his early independently-released EPs and continued with his breakout singles “talk is overrated” ft. blackbear in 2017 and “all the kids are depressed” in 2018. He’s continued his upward mobility by outdoing himself with “comethru,” which has reached a staggering 80 million Spotify streams and 35 million video views.

Meanwhile, Cutler has become a force, starting with a series of covers on Soundcloud that gave way to her own self-written and self-produced work, like 2017’s “Your Shirt,” which cracked the Spotify charts with over 62 million streams, and her two-part Sleeping With Roses mixtape series in 2018. Both artists have been paving the way in their respective lanes; however, their union was serendipitous, happening in 2016 at a college neither of them attended: The University of Connecticut. Fast forward three years and two signings with Republic Records, there was no better time to make music together. Returning to a cabin in Connecticut where they first collaborated on their duet single “better off,” Zucker and Cutler wrote and recorded “you were good to me,” a reflective piece on lost love.