[INTERVIEW] THE FUTURE OF MUSIC: Up Close with John Dahlbäck


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JULY 31, 2013



John Dahlbäck


Out recent sit-down with Swedish super producer/DJ, John Dahlbäck revealed what it was like growing up in a home full of musical genius. John’s parents are both musicians, who at an early age encouraged the young Dahlbäck to tap into his creative side & make beautiful music. Its no surprise John inked his first record deal at age 15.

John, who runs both Pickadoll & Mutants Records was eager & proud to share with us his latest release, MUTANTSMIX BY John Dahlbäck.

“It was brilliant fun putting this merger of Mutant’s past, present and future together so we want as many people to hear it,” expands John, “It’s full of energy and fun, which is what I wanted to achieve when I started the label and is at its very heart.

Both your parents are musicians, what was it like growing up in your home? What was your favorite music instrument?

I love drums and I used to love playing on my dad’s drums at home. It was very musical in our home, we listened to jazz during dinner and stuff. Really inspirational.

What does your parents think about EDM? Do they prefer John Dahlback’s music?

Definitely my music. I think they like it because it sounds “interesting” and funny.

MutantsMix by John Dahlbäck is out.  Can you tell us about it?

I basically mixed down the recent mutants releases from the artists to show people where we are with the label. 

With so many good artists on your label, how did you select who would be on MutantsMix?

It was easy! I had the most recent tracks from each artist.

It’s always hard to pick favorites, but what are yours on this mix?

I can’t really pick one, they are all very different in style.You’d have to listen to the album to get what I mean.

You’ve surprised your fans so many times, how do you stay one step ahead of everyone?

I get bored in the studio, so I constantly try to develop my music and try out different things to keep it interesting.

What’s in store for you next?

My track “We Were Gods” out this August.



MUTANTSMIX BY John Dahlbäck is available thru Mutants Records, here: http://bit.ly/139FnQS

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[Catch John Dahlbäck at a city near you] North American Tour Dates:

August 15 – Surrender – Las Vegas, NV

August 17 – Mansion – Miami, FL

September 27 – TomorrowWorld – Fairburn, GA