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AUGUST 7, 2013



We were thrilled to get the goods from the man himself, genre-founding dance heavy weight Lange on his career, how he remains on top and his latest release, “Ministry of Sound presents Trance Nation Mixed by Lange.” And what we can expect from the boss of Lange Recordings.

Ministry of Sound’s Trance Nation mixed by Lange, which is out now. Can you elaborate more that?

For over a decade the Ministry of Sound Trance Nation series has become legendary, a snapshot of our ever-evolving scene, and I’m follow in the footsteps of the likes of Ferry Corsten, Above & Beyond and Cosmic Gate in mixing this album so it’s an honor to do so! I wanted these mixes to be both a reflection of the sets I play, but also of the diversity of today’s trance scene so the mixes have those trancier sounds but also the techno and house influenced tracks to give the full spectrum.

With so many talents out there today, how did you select who would grace this compilation?

It was about finding those recent big hit or fresh sounds only recently released or not yet released! I looked purely for what was going to work in the mix to make sure they were kept diverse and interesting and selected a big pool of tracks to choose from. There were many tracks that I just couldn’t include, 2 discs just wasn’t enough! Though I think there is a good flow achieved through both of the discs, showcasing both the big names alongside many up and comers!

Can you tell us more about the 5 exclusive tracks on this mix?

3 tracks are from me and 2 are from my label artists. From me there’s:

Crossroads feat. Stine Grove

Estiva has given this track a monster remix, something new for the album!

Unfamiliar Truth feat. Hysteria!

This is a new vocal single from my forthcoming artist album so this won’t be getting a single release until much later in the year

Follow Me feat. The Morrighan

This was a track I was apprehensive to revisit but have had so many requests to do so, the timing felt right! Will be hopefully out later this year on Positiva!

From the label there’s

Rikkaz – With the Flow

A new signing to the label, he has some exciting releasing coming up and this is the first! Big melody, slamming drop.

Stuart Mclellan – Downtime

Been an ID-ID for a while now and been getting some big reactions! Could finally reveal it as part of this mix!

It’s always hard to pick favorites, do you have any on this mix?

Yeah, that’s a tough one, there are a lot of faves!

OK, I’m going to pick one of the quirkier tracks on the album. It’s called ‘Man who’ll Save the Earth’ by Alexx Rave, and is loads of fun to play out.

With your continued success, how do you keep your music sounding new? How do you stay on top of your game?

Tough one! I guess every track I approach with a fresh idea, I’ve been told I have a certain sound by people but I try not to approach tracks in this way, which probably means I give myself extra work!! I like to have an idea or a feeling or place that I want to portray; but of course I’m always influenced by the sets I’m playing and the music of other, certain sounds that really get me excited. I’d like to think that this approach is hopefully allowing my music to always offer something different to my previous release.

What’s in store for the rest of 2013?

Still lots more to come this year! Towards the end of the year I’ll be releasing my 3rd artist album called ‘We Are Lucky People’. I’ve already started releasing tracks from it and have been very happy with all the feedback so far! Also towards the end of the year I’ll be marking 150 episodes of my radio show ‘Intercity’ which we’re currently finalizing the details of! No rest for the wicked 😉


Check the album Minimix here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Doa18QGO7ig

Pick up Trance Nation Mixed by Lange now via iTunes here: http://smarturl.it/TN-Lange-iTunes