SHOW REVIEW: New Years Eve with The Chainsmokers, Nicky Romero, Ansolo and Travis Scott at Pier 94

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Happy New Year! This year I welcomed 2016 with a 9 hour dance marathon at a sold out show at Pier 94 in New York City. Kiss the Sky warmed up the show and got everyone in party mood. Next up the man who has all the girls screaming known as Ansolo, worked in fun old dance tracks and ofcourse his mix of “Strong” by Arno Cost and Norman Doray that brought him up the charts in 2015:


Then, Travis Scott had the pleasure of ending his set with the celebration of a new year! Huge balloons poured from the ceiling of the pier, confetti blew through canons  dispersing across the crowd where everyone screamed and continued to dance awaiting the next performer.

The Chainsmokers took the stage to also celebrate another happy occasion, Drew’s birthday! He was treated to an experience unique only to DJs, the whole crowd full of his fans sang to him happy birthday in the middle of their set! 


For me the highlight of The Chainsmokers set was when they played my favorite hit “Roses” off their recent album.

Check out the rest of their album “Bouquet,” including tracks like “New York City,” “Until You Were Gone,” “Waterbed,” and “Good Intentions” and purchase if you’d like on iTunes HERE.

Last but not least the guy everyone waited for the entire night and made everyone dance as if they had not already been dancing for 6 hours. Nicky Romero played tracks like “Toulouse,” “Legacy” and many more of his huge hits roster. What an incredible way to start the new year and the perfect way to end the night.


Wishing you the best new year from We Own the Nite NYC! Party with us at next year’s Big Week NYC!

Claudia Manganiello

All photo credits go to Freedom Film LLC.