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JAN. 24, 2015

Max Elto, the cryptic Swedish production duo comprised of Alexander Ryberg & Tom Liljegren, has premiered an epic new video for their song “Citylights,” off their debut Taped Rai EP out now via Big Beat Records. Video is available for streaming on Nylon and is paired with an interactive version (http://citylights.maxelto.tv/) arranged by Nate Brown, the highly regarded creative force behind Max Elto (also a collaborative genius behind the Kanye West campaign).


In the video, which starts out innocent enough, the song’s ethereal vocals and soul-piercing beats are creepily synced up with a mysterious, bludgeoned person in the rain… and that’s just the beginning! We dare you to make it through to the end.


Of the video, Max Elto’s own Tom Liljegre says, “The song is about longing for belonging, yearning for what you do not know. It’s the fourth and final instalment of the Taped Rai EP. With the video we want to portray the accomplishment of trying. We’re very proud of it.”