THEMED THURSDAY: Sweater Beats – Altar (feat. R.LUM.R) is out NOW and on fire! [#007]


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To all of our loyal Themed Thursday followers, we apologize. We have to break today’s theme and bring to you this highly anticipated single. Sweater Beats takes us to the ‘Altar‘ featuring R.LUM.R on his forthcoming ‘For the Cold’ EP. “Built you an altar…” Simply genius with beefy downbeats! With the help of subtle in verse instruments this definitely builds up the catchy song.Sweater Beats - Altar (feat. R.LUM.R)
Without question, Sweater Beats – Altar (feat. R.LUM.R) will make a great #1 radio hit. Antonio Cuna is better known to his audience as Sweater Beats. While he might be busy touring the country alongside Gnash, on The Sleepover Tour, he’s not wasting any time releasing new music for his fans. Just released on Big Beat Records, his new single “Altar” features soulfully blissful vocals from R.LUM.R (pronounced ar-luhm-ar).

Sweater Beats once again delights with his own je ne sais quoi and his forward thinking electronic production techniques. Leading with powerful vocals from R.LUM.R, Cuna equally matches the force with soaring synths and core shaking basslines. The record comes out today ahead of his forthcoming “For The Cold” EP due out later this year. Be sure to check The Sleepover Tour’s full North America journey below. 

The Sleepover Tour


About Sweater Beats:

The Philippines and suburban Maryland aren’t exactly R&B or dance music hot beds, but they didn’t need to be for Antonio Cuna (aka Sweater Beats) to ingest both genres and spit out an exciting hybrid – melding the sensuality of contemporary R&B with the immediacy of dance music. Born in the Philippines, Cuna later moved to Maryland and adapted to his new environment by engaging with music and skate culture.


It wasn’t long before R&B entered the picture, first as an obsession and later, while Cuna was attending college in New York, as a creative outlet. What’s unique about Cuna is how he filters his influences into an ingenious sonic aesthetic – creating a sound equally fitting of both festival stages and more intimate settings – that makes Sweater Beats such an unavoidably intriguing project.


Since bubbling up in the dance world, Sweater Beats has constantly pushed the limits of his own sound. With support from the likes of DiploOmarion, and JoJo, plus tours with artists like Chance the Rapper, Flume, and Chet Faker, the producer has caught the eye of a variety of tastemakers.

If you’re looking for a one-hour blissful long mix look, no further. Sweater Beats did a special mix for The Cookout on Sirius XM & Electric Area.

Sweater Beats