Yotto Drops Single ‘Hear Me Out’ From Highly Anticipated Forthcoming Album, Hyperfall


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Yotto is having a moment right now. While that’s a deeply personal statement – I did just see him three times in the course of two weeks, including twice at Tomorrowland – the hype around his forthcoming album, Hyperfall, is palpable.

His globetrotting schedule of late isn’t an accident. In each set Yotto has introduced new songs and elements from the album. It’s why I could see him twice, in one day, at Tomorrowland. He has a bunch of incredible new material, and he’s created a masterful breadcrumb trail to introduce us to it.

Today Yotto unveiled the new single “Hear Me Out,” featuring Sønin & Laudic:

Drawing inspiration from his childhood favorites The Chemical Brothers and Röyksopp, along with more contemporary influences ranging from Eric Prydz to M83 and Jon Hopkins. The signature Yotto sound blends dark, brooding atmospheres with light, uplifting melodies; hitting the sweet spot between melancholy and euphoria. This is certainly true with ‘Hear Me Out’. Tension builds throughout with an insistent groove layered over classic melodies, before rising into a dramatic vocal crescendo from Laudic. 

Of the record, the Finnish DJ/Producer says: “Hear Me Out is a big, dramatic record that I made with my good friends Sønin and Laudic. We usually just talk absolute nonsense and laugh at memes in the studio. That’s why I’m a bit confused how we ended up making such a melancholic record. I like it a lot though.” 

Us too, Yotto.

You can pre-order Hyperfall here.