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SEPT. 17, 2014


Last night at Webster Hall, New York, Lizzo the volumptious red headed firecracker opened up for one of Clean Bandit’s stops on their “FIRST EVER American Tour,” which they proudly announced before their performance. Lizzo kept the crowd fully entertained not only with her head bopping high energy music, but also with her humor. At some point she even brought a young man from the crowd up on stage to twerk with her and I must say, it was definitely a show down.

Once Lizzo wrapped up, constant hopeful head pops between the stage and back down at cell phone clocks were a sight throughout the increasingly antsy crowd. While impatiently awaiting for Clean Bandit myself, I took in the atmosphere of the maroon old fashioned wall paper, ripped purposefully and graffiti’d, street art style. I also looked above to notice beautiful cream chandeliers still sprawled across its ceiling since its opening in 1886, along with modern colored lights above and soon realized this was the perfect venue for such a unique and mixed genre band itself.

At last, the British electronic group went on stage and began to show off their innumerably diverse set of songs by intertwining the elements of each member of the band. Grace Chatto contributed with her powerful voice, Jack Patterson on the keyboard with the electronic beat, Luke Patterson bringing the rock and roll on the drums and last but not least, violinist Milan Neil Amin-Smith adding the sweet classical switch up that everyone loves in their radio hit “Rather Be.“ With such a variety of talent mushed into one band, throughout the show they were able to play the slowest songs to the danciest and get the crowd both fist pumping and swaying at just the right moments.



                                                               Milan Neil Amin-Smith in his zone

Clean Bandit ended the night with “Rather Be” and had the whole crowd singing along and dancing in harmony. And on that note, to conclude my night, I’d say they are a fantastic show, if you like just being happy with a room full of people, listening to a band with the ability to play pretty much any type of song, they are just your cup of British tea.

So if you like their popular hit on the radio, check out some of their other songs on their NEW album “New Eyes“ like my personal favorite:

Available to purchase on Itunes or Amazon

To go see in person why this breakout hipster band is on just their first US tour of many more to come:



*More pictures coming soon!!*

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Claudia Manganiello