Rüfüs Du Sol ‘Lost In My Mind’ is Zane Lowe’s World Record on Beats 1 via Apple Music


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Rüfüs Du Sol’s  “Lost In My Mind” is Zane Lowe’s World Record this Wed. 9/5 on Beats 1 on Apple Music [apple.co/zane]. 

The Australian group reveals the song came about after a trip to Joshua Tree, and that they ’re currently learning their new songs live, ahead of their tour.  The track is featured on the band’s upcoming album, Solace, out October 12th.  They previously released their songs, “No Place” and “Under Water.”

ZANE: Is this reflective of the record as a whole, this kind of feel?

RÜFÜS DU SOL: Yeah for sure. I think this is the start of people starting to hear a bit more of different shades to what the album is about to offer. We delve into different feelings of genres. We’re lucky we got to watch a lot of music while we we’re on the road at festivals and we also listen to a bunch of different stuff. So we show there’s a bit more of those different shades to us.

ZANE: Can you hear that when you listen back to the album? Can you hear the different days and moods and different environments that you kind of created it in?

RÜFÜS DU SOL: Yeah. I think that a part of that writing process was that there was a bit of a sense of chaos on this and that we were working probably the craziest hours we’ve ever worked. Like clockwork in some ways. Someone might go to bed, someone might be inspired and then when they crash the next festival and we get on, I guess that resulted in it being such a prolific writing process. I think in a way that seeped into that kind of invaded the feeling of some of the songs in that maybe there are some darker more chaotic feels and kind of being lost in this abyss a little bit and counteracted with some brighter feels. You know we spent a year making it as well, a year and a half. So it was definitely the most ideas we ever covered. I think we went through the alphabet like three times. So we’d go through the alphabet like A, B, C, D,  E, F, G for like the idea of titles of the songs when you don’t know what it’s going to be about or what you’re going to call it. So we went through that three times. There’s a lot of stuff, a lot of good stuff a lot of bad stuff.

ZANE: What about collaboration and things like that? Did you keep it just the three of you on the album or did you open up the door to anybody?

RÜFÜS DU SOL: For the most part it was us writing and finding the record. We definitely got in the room with different producers to open that door, we’ve never really done that. We wrote with one guy called Jason Evigan who we’d really connected with and we worked good on this song, on “Lost in my Mind” which is really cool. We basically took a two-day trip to the desert, to Joshua Tree. The intention was to go find some lyrics for a few of the songs that didn’t have any final lyrics on it. We took a synth and a small recording set up up there. On the first night we were like let’s just break the ice and you know have a bit of fun and just mess around with an idea. All the lyrics of “Lost In My Mind” were written in that one day and then the song pretty much formed over that two-day period. We went for a few little wonders in the desert like on these big rock outcrops and found some lyrics for a few of the other songs. And it’s scary man, it’s scary. I mean that’s what the song is about a little bit, just been content with like we’ve had some experiences out in the desert just sort of losing some of your friends and just being like you know what, I’m sweet.

ZANE: James, where to next? Now that the album is ready, October 12th. We have a release date. “Lost In My Mind” today’s World Record. How are you going to break it up so it doesn’t feel like it’s an extension of what you’ve already been doing and that this kind of this new solace era can begin in earnest?

RÜFÜS DU SOL: I get back in a few days and straightaway we’re going to hit the ground running I think in terms of an invigorating live show. We need to learn the new songs first and foremost. Beyond that I think we want to really push ourselves and challenge ourselves to not completely play the material verbatim and sort of allow a bit more space for the journey in the abyss in the live set a little bit and going on tangents a little bit more than we have previously. Maybe going outside of our comfort zone as musicians. We have a four week block to completely go deep on that one for the next four weeks.





    1. Treat You Better
    2. Eyes
    3. New Sky
    4. Lost In My Mind
    5. No Place
    6. All I’ve Got
    7. Underwater
    8. Solace
    9. Another Life

Nov 29TH – London – Printworks
Nov 30TH – Birmingham – The Mill
Dec 1ST – Glasgow – Queen Margaret Union
Dec 2ND – Manchester – Academy 2
Dec 5TH – Amsterdam – Melkweg
Dec 6TH – Paris – Le Trabendo
Dec 7TH – Cologne – Bürgerhaus Stollwerck
Dec 8TH – Berlin – Gretchen

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