[Out NOW] “GET DOWN” to twoloud & Will Brennan!!

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NOV. 3, 2014

twoloud’s latest track “Get Down,” featuring Will Brennan’s rap element creates a pumping electro-bounce remake of 1999 DJ Jean’s “The Launch!" incorporating the old with an electronic twist that has crowds literally going down for as seen in Steve Aoki’s 2014 Tomorrowland set:

twoloud blew up from their song “Big Bang” released just about a year ago and since have shown off their musical genius with a unique style that never quite gets old, because they always have something new and exciting to bring to the music world. In addition to "Big Bang” they have released “The Spark” with Tiesto, “Rockin” for Julian Jordan, “Greatest DJ” and so many more. twoloud have splattered their tracks all over the industry in such a short amount of time, and for good reason.

Get down to “Get Down” yourself, own the full version, on sale NOW on Beatport here!!







Claudia Manganiello