THE BUZZ: Choon Releases World’s First Monetized Playlists


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Choon, the largest music streaming platform on the blockchain, today announced the launch of the world’s first monetized playlists.

Billed by the company as ‘better than free,’ any Choon user can create playlists using the platform’s 6,000 tracks, and receive payment in Choon’s NOTES cryptocurrency on a daily basis.

Artists are also able to engage in this new economy: setting a percentage amount for each track that they’re willing to give to playlist curators.

Gareth Emery, record producer, DJ and Choon co-founder said:

“This is the first time playlists can be monetized natively within a streaming platform. It’s a total game changer.

Not only can fans get paid for sharing great playlists, but bloggers no longer need to rely on cumbersome adverts and external sites to monetize their musical taste: instead, they can simply use Choon and get a cut direct from the artist’s streams.”

Choon is the world’s largest blockchain-based music streaming platform, and one of the world’s largest catalogs of artist-owned music. Leveraging the blockchain to pay artists on a daily basis, it has been written about by the BBCForbes,Billboard and Coindesk, and has an advisory board including RAC (2017 Grammy Winner), Mark Gillespie (Manager, Calvin Harris), Marco Santori (President, Blockchain) and Savan Kotecha (writer, Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, Justin Bieber).