[Free Download] Autograf Releases New Single “Running”

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Following up on the success of their first original “Dream,” Chicago trio Autograf returns with their latest single “Running,”
out now as a free download. Bursting with vibrancy, “Running” is
playfully soulful, filled with vivacious vocals, percussions and
vibraphones to create their signature funk-infused vibes.

an art-based project, Autograf looks to return to their personal
manifesto of “making music for art.” Creating a distinct and original
artwork to accompany each forthcoming release, each painting the trio
puts to canvas serves as a method through which to further evoke and
interpret the spirit of each song. The first in a series, the pop-art
inspired artwork for “Running” appears to contain the image of Coco
Chanel, a female icon who sought to break societal norms and

infusing physical art elements to coincide with their live electronica
sound, members Louis Kha, Mikul Wing and Jake Carpenter have
reinterpreted the modern day music scene. Inspired by street artists
such as Banksy and Andy Warhol’s famous factory, Autograf’s DIY
is one for the new age, possessing not only sonic elements,
but visual ones as well. Having been tapped by influential artists
including ODESZA, Faithless, and Fatboy Slim, Autograf’s trajectory of
success has been fast and thrilling, with over ten HypeMachine #1 hits
and over 20 million plays on Soundcloud. In addition to touring their
live performance in North America, this fall will see the group taking
their first foray into foreign territories including Asia and South