THE BUZZ: Leo Pol debut EP on Bass Culture (Release July 30th)


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Bass Culture welcomes Frenchman Leo Pol to the fold for this fresh new four-tracker full of analogue vibes. Leo’s penchant for synthesisers and the warmth of his beloved machines is evident through this new release, with a retro soul spliced with modern sensibilities and, of course, visions of the future.

Things get off to an energetic start with ‘Caliente’, a track that combines a killer main riff, scintillating G pads and a steam-powered percussion to really get those feet moving. This is followed by ‘Fnc Burning’, which totally slips the script with its off-kilter rhythm and UK-influenced breakbeat-esque sound. Get ready for a sublime breakdown, with more UK rave stylings in the second half…fresh.

On the flip side we get ‘Dark Outside’, which harks back to the early days of post electro Detroit. Those formative years when masters like Juan Atkins were the soundtrack of Motor City. From the hushed, silky vocal to the cosmic bleeps – this is a homage to the ghosts of techno’s past, with a contemporary sheen.

Finally, we finished up with ‘Techyes No!’, a dark, marauding stomper with a menacing atmosphere and spine-tingling strings to really amplify the eerie feeling that pervades throughout.

A diverse, yet cohesive collection of killer cuts from the young master Leo Pol, and another superb Bass Culture release. Only the finest from D’Julz’s excellent label.

Comment from D’Julz: “ Leo is quite possibly the most exciting new live act I’ve seen in a long time. I first saw him play live two years ago and at the time I didn’t know any of his music. I instantly loved his vibe. It’s rare to see such a young artist play with such strong personality. ”

‘Caliente’ available in full on Youtube: