[On Fire Tour]  Up Close with Thomas Gold, SpaceIbiza NY – April 22, 2016


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Growing up in Germany the young Thomas Gold began his fascination with music at the tender age of seven when he
learned how to play the electric organ, from there he moved on to digital synthesizers and eventually at age 15, he scored a Yamaha DX-11 synthesizer—and the rest is history. On Friday, April 22nd we sat down with Berlin-based DJ
& producer at Ink 48, as the last leg of his  On Fire tour began to wind down.

WOTN: Hi Thomas, we’re delighted to catch up with you on the last leg of your ON FIRE Tour, but before we begin
we’d like to congratulate you on the 200th Episode of Fanfare. So if you’re ready, I’ll fire away?

TG:  I’m ready.

WOTN: You’ve performed countless of times in New York; it’s practically a second home to you by now. Do you have
any surprises for the crowd at SpaceIbiza NY tonight. What makes the On Fire Tour different?

TG:  I have some special guests tonight. I’ll be playing an extended set with the help of my friend Tom Staar, I go on from 1:00-2:00 followed by Tom Starr who will take over from 2:00-4:00 and I’ll return to close out the night at 4:00 until the sun comes up or when they kick us out. The crowd at SpaceIbiza NY is definitely in for a treat tonight.

WOTN:  We heard through the grapevine that you are currently working on your debut album. Tell us more about that.

TG:  I’m really excited about it since it’s a labor of love. I put so much into in and I can’t wait to share it with everyone. With my music I’ve always strived for something new, to go outside of the box and take risks. This album is no different. It’s completely different from what I have done in the past. I experimented quite a lot on this one and played around with pop music. It’s a carefully crafted album, one tells my sound and my story. It’s the Thomas Gold experience, you might say.

WOTN:  Did your hectic touring play a part in the delay of your debut album?

TG: Absolutely. Touring doesn’t leave much room for producing album. When I’m on the road constantly, it leaves little room to hit the studio. An album takes a lot of time vs. tracks which are less intensive. Plus, I really wanted to take my time to ensure that it’s an album I would be proud of. So, even though finding time was hard—slowly but surely it’s coming along.

WOTN: Will you be playing any new music tonight from your debut album?

TG: The lead single still needs to be remastered and requires some tinkering around but I’m working on getting it out soon once I’m happy with the result.

WOTN:  Have you decided on the album’s title?

TG:  Bouncing around some ideas, but nothing’s set in stone. I still have a lot of time since I’m more concerned about finishing and perfecting tracks. In fact, during the break between my shows this week—I’m headed into the studio to continue working on the album.

WOTN:  Previously you were signed to Axtone. What prompted you to take a different direction?

TG:  Over the years, my sound began to evolve and we just naturally moved in different directions. Change is never a bad thing and as my music continues to evolve— Revealed Recordings and  Armada Music works for me right now since it’s a great fit.

WOTN: Berlin is best known for its house scene. What was it like growing up there and how did it affect/shape your music?

TG: It definitely played a part in shaping my music then…and even now. I venture out into the clubs just to hear what other DJ/producers are experimenting with and to hear what new sound is out there. To be around that is inspiring and I like to see people taking risks.

WOTN:  Speaking of risks, who is your artist or artists to watch this year?

TG:  There’s a few, but I would have to go with Elephante. I love the way he’s taken some risks and experiment with trap and dubstep. His sound is versatile and that’s important to me.

WOTN:  Off topic, Germany is famous for its automobiles and the autobahn. What kind of car do you drive?

TG:   An AUDI A7, but since I live in Berlin and everything is walking distance I rarely get to drive it. Funny thing actually happened not that long ago during my time home, the battery died. I seldom drive now that Uber’s more convenient, so when I decided to finally drive it the car would not start.

WOTN:  Besides cars, Germany is famous for its beer. Do you have a favorite?

TG:  BECKS, but the one made in Germany. I noticed that the ones in Great Britain and everywhere tastes different.

WOTN:   How do you balance your career and your private life?

TG:   I try to be social as much as possible when I am at home. Besides being in the studio, I spend most of my time just doing things with my friends and family. Enjoy the simple things.

WOTN:  Speaking of simple things, describe what it’s like to be at home with Thomas Gold.

TG:  I really like to have my friends and family over. I love to have my friends over and I love to BBQ. I like to BBQ everything, from poultry to fish, to seafood and steak. I enjoy just being at home and relaxing. Now that the weather is getting warmer, you can find me BBQing at home.

WOTN:  Lastly, I’m curious since I’m headed back to Germany soon but my first time in Berlin. Where should I go for the hottest party?

TG:  Watergate. It’s situated in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district, right on the River Spree. The club has two levels, with two separate rooms overlooking the river and has large windows. You can sit outside to watch the sunrise. Just relax and enjoy the scenery. It also has exceptional LED lighting. As the night winds down, the curtains are drawn to let the sun in and you can see the daybreak and it’s beautiful.

WOTN:  Thank you, Thomas for that insider tip. I’ll definitely be checking it out. This concludes our chat. It has been a pleasure chatting with you. We wish you all the best and we’re looking forward to your performance tonight and the upcoming release of your debut album.

This past Friday night, Thomas Gold performed to a packed crowd of music lovers at SpaceIBIZA NY. Later he was
joined by joined by Rico and Miella, who sang live to their collaborative track “ON FIRE” out now via Hardwell’s, Revealed Recordings. Thomas’ energy was matched by the crowd as he played some of his hits and crowd favorites. To see him perform was definitely a treat and to hear Miella’s angelic voice while Rico took over the decks was the icing on the cake.  Tom Staar didn’t disappoint as he opted for a dark, edgier sound but equally satisfying. New York native, CID Music was on hand to lend his friends support. Despite the rain, the night ended on a good note. The Deutsch was definitely  ON FIRE.

Thomas Gold
was due to cap off his ON FIRE tour in NYC, but to accommodate his fans in Dallas hit by hard weather. He rescheduled his shows in Texas for this coming weekend, ending his tour in the Lone Star State with shows this Saturday, April 30th at Levu in Austin and Sunday, May 1st at Proof Rooftop Lounge in Houston.






 By: Pamela Zhuklevich



*Photo Credit: Barrie Martelle*