Desert Hearts Summer Tour 2016 + Lee Reynolds & Machino EP


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Desert Hearts Summer Tour 2016
We Own The Nite NYC_Desert Hearts Summer Tour 2016


The Desert Hearts calendar has come to represent a roadmap for its devout community, a perpetual journey through the dustiest festival dancefloors and premiere urban venues from coast to coast. This summer the legacy continues as the crew take their ‘House, Techno, Love’ ethos across North America once again on the The Endless Summer Tour. This thirteen stop crusade of vibes will touch down in familiar territories and alien lands alike, furthering the reach of this unstoppable cultural force.

Desert Hearts followers can catch the crew for a double header in Brooklyn, a special Paradigm Presents event in Chicago, as well as in Miami, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Seattle, Denver and more, plus the beachside oasis of Genius Loci Festival in Mexico and a tour capping takeover at Symbiosis Gathering.

Desert Hearts co-founder and spiritual elder Lee Reynolds has joined forces with fellow House and Techno maestro Machino on their Moon Matrix EP, the most recent release on the rapidly ascending Desert Hearts Records. The EP spans the psychedelic and ambient realms these two have straddled at the helm for years, allowing the dark transcendence of their dancefloor mastery to be personified through the four originals. The release travels from the ethereal ‘Flores’, to the peak time stomp of ‘Moon Matrix’ and ‘Very Heavy’, returning to the spiralling ‘Puma Punku’ – a complete representation of the out-there style and sound that these two greats have come to embody.

Today Desert Hearts has also released a seven minute mini-doc which outlines the diverse history of Pape Lee Reynolds. The video transports fans to his days as a professional BMX rider in the UK, to his California emigration and through his role in the development of Desert Hearts. It is this rich path of experience that has helped to sculpt not only Lee’s personal ethos, but that of the Desert Hearts community.

This tour and release ushers in yet another chapter in the young, yet eventful Desert Hearts saga. What began as a renegade in the Mojave has evolved into a powerful force on the global festival scene and a sonic exposé of a movement. ‘House, Techno Love – We Are All Desert Hearts’.

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