REVIEW: WeTransfer LA Launch Party!


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Before their LA launch party, my only experience with WeTransfer was in receiving large files like film edits and photography projects. I had no idea they had become something much larger and more multi-faceted than merely file transfers (though, to be fair, they are pretty great at that bit too).

WeTransfer noticed musicians and producers were a huge portion of their customer base and decided to harness that into a symbiotic relationship. These days WeTransfer is utilizing their position as a massive product distributer by making it possible for artists to create customizable pages for their medium. These artist pages serve as the background for the core idea behind WeTransfer, namely, the file transfer homepage.

All of this I learned as I was shuffling around meeting the incredibly enthusiastic and hospitable team behind WeTransfer, because if there’s anything better than a useful, honest website, it’s knowing the people behind it are pretty great too.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here, because the launch party on its own was incredible. Not only did I learn a lot about WeTransfer, but they put together a night positively brimming with talent.


I made my way to the Ace Hotel in Downtown LA that night to a sold-out event. After getting myself checked in, I headed to the theatre for the start of the show, choosing a seat in the center of the theatre to take it all in. This theater is just plain massive, and almost sexy it’s so ornate. The ceilings are vaulted and the seating in the mezzanine is so tall it practically slips out of view. It’s equal parts intimidating and exciting. A perfect setting for this event.

As the show begins, couple executives jumped on the mic and gave impassioned speeches about their excitement involving WeTransfer and the future of the company, and the artists they nurture (and vice versa). At this point you couldn’t help feeling like something really special was going to hdsc_0056appen on stage, but before I could contemplate this any further, the lights dimmed and the musicians walked out onto the stage. The band introduced themselves as Bad Bad Not Good, and launched into an incredibly smooth and energetic jazz set that seemed to come out of pure elation. And this was only the beginning.

Following Bad Bad Not Good (excellent name, by the way) was Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, who is described on his website as a “multi-instrumentalist, arranger, composer, music director, producer, DJ, and educator.” I actually had to look up how to describe him because his raw energy and talent was so impressive I didn’t even know where to begin.

Atwood-Ferguson himself performed as a violinist supported by several string, wind, and percussion musicians. In addition to this, the ensemble had an dsc_0111onslaught of guest artists ranging from the soulful vocals of Nai Palm and Bilal, to the hip hop group Sa-Ra Creative, to the very funky and incredible hip George Clinton, as well as the very psychedelic hip-hop producer Gaslamp Killer. In fact, the whole night was punctuated by this wonderfully wacky and trippy atmosphere. Bilal even did a cover of Prince’s “The Beautiful Ones”, and, yes, he hit the high note and, yes, it was amazing.

The afterparty carried the torch into the lobby of the theatre where Gilles Peterson and Jeremy Sole were DJing until the Ace Hotel had to call it a night.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that with everything I now know about WeTransfer, and the high quality of the organization and the talent they wrangled for their LA launch party, if you see an event by them in your area, you need to be there. And/or file transfers, should you need it.