Neopop – Portugal’s Best Dance Music Event (REVIEW)


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Keepingtechnosafe was the hashtag that Neopop kept sharing all over their social media accounts during this year’s event. Having setting out their stall with that bold claim they had to live it  up to it – and boy did they. Across four evenings and two stages, with tens of hours of music, the finest the genre had to offer were all on display and doing their finest work to an appreciative crowd. 

Part of the reason the crowd is in such a good mood is the location: it is a historic one right by the Atlantic Ocean and with views out to the Lima River. Soul soothing and blissful, it offers a nice contrast to the high tech stage designs and mad technology used to wow our every sense when dancing. 

Getting around the site is also a pleasure – getting food and drinks for any number of different places is easy and allows everyone to keep well fuelled. The sun also shines down on us during the day and people are very friendly and welcoming across the whole event. There is no aggression, just pure good time vibes. 

For us we got sweaty to plenty of different acts, not least 90s veteran The Advent who took it hard and fast with a timeless set of drum lead techno grooves. Belgian star Amelie Lens is one of the most prominent names in the game right now and her dark set was unrelenting in its force and power. Even on such a huge stage and to such a big crowd she commanded things perfectly. 

The final day at the Anti-Stage was opened up by DJ Deep going back to back with Zadig. Superbly stylish in their selections, they warmed us up nicely with an atmospheric and deep set that touched on far out jazz-tinged electronics, slower house and some classics. The lighting was suited to the mood – warm and comforting and it was one of the highlights of the whole event for us. With Jeff Mills, Lauren Garnier, KiNK, Nastia, Julianna and tens more all playing we couldn’t see everyone but who we did see left a lasting impression, much like Neopop itself which is one of the best European festivals you could wish to head to as a techno fan.

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