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Swedish DJ and electronic dance music
producer John Dahlbäck’s latest single, “Count To Ten” featuring Alexx
, is out now. The single is the third from Dahlbäck’s forthcoming
full-length studio album, Saga (Armada Music).

There’s something about Swedish electronic dance music producers and
their seemingly innate ability to write the catchiest of leads. Upon a
single spin of “Count To Ten,” it is guaranteed that the song will ring
in one’s ears for hours or days to come. Uncompromising in its
production, “Count To Ten” has perhaps more in common with
radio-friendly synth-pop than it does with house music. While the
boundaries of progressive-house music have widened to encompass a field
where outright pop songs are as much at home on the dancefloor as their
grittier, more “underground” cousins, Dahlbäck sees no reason to limit
himself to just one style. The first single from Saga, “Raven,”
had more of a dark, clubby vibe and that track got dance music fans
ready for a long night of celebration. The second single from Saga,
“Atlantis,” held a deep allure colored by the song’s warm, creamy
vocals. “Count To Ten” is unabashedly buoyant and upbeat, positive to
the core. It is this versatility Dahlbäck possesses as a producer that
suits him so well as a performing DJ. There is literally nowhere he is
afraid to take his audience, and he’s loved for it.

The Radio Edit of “Count To Ten” pops the champagne cork right from the
outset as the high-pitched female vocal comes in. Instantly, this edit
has all the workings of an effervescent pop tune, not only of a great
progressive-house track. This edit is pure in its crystalline directness
and at no point in the song does Dahlbäck’s hand waiver. This song
shows that Dahlbäck is unafraid to go this pop music route because he
knows his clubbing bona fides remain intact. The Extended Mix has a
longer, syncopated intro with a beat that sets the stage for a spell
before the main vocal even enters the picture. The vocal is more treated
and stuttered on this version and the infectious, high-energy refrain
makes even this mix easily grasped. The sunny energy is addictive and
irresistible. Popstar-in-the-making Alexx Mack has a bold, come-hither
voice full of self-affirmed female swagger and it is absolutely
of-the-moment. Music lovers can also catch a glimpse of Mack in the
official music video for “Count To Ten” to be released in late-December.

As a producer and DJ, John Dahlbäck has an inherent sense of what works
on a dancefloor. His music consistently earns support from the top names
in the industry. Additionally, Dahlbäck has lent his sought-after
production skills to remixes for the likes of Lady Gaga, 50 Cent, David
Morales and others. Having grown up in a family reverberating with
music, one of Dahlbäck’s earliest forays into electronic music was while
tinkering with his father’s Atari computer as a youth. It was perhaps
unsurprising that Dahlbäck would sign his first record deal at age 17, a
time when most of his peers were just discovering the club scene.
Today, Dahlbäck DJs at leading nightclubs and festivals around the world
including at Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel on the Balearic island of Ibiza.

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