ASIA: Jai Thep Festival Returns to Chiang Mai in Thailand for its 5th edition in 2020


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Imagine true escapism, surrounded by natural beauty with a flawlessly curated arts and music program which covers the full spectrum of varying talent. Throw in live performances, 80s aerobics and wellness workshops and you come close to imagining what Jai Thep has to offer.

Jai Thep Festival Aftermovie 2019

Jai Thep’s home is Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand’s largest city, nestled into the mountains of the former Lanna Kingdom. The capital of the north, Chiang Mai is an eclectic mix of tradition and modern creativity, boasting vibrant music, arts and wellness scenes. Chiang Mai offers a different view of Thailand away from the busy metropolis of Bangkok, and offers up unique regional charms and experiences you wouldn’t find anywhere else in the world. The relaxed nature of Jai Thep gives ample opportunity to come and go so as to experience all that the area has to offer.

The festival takes place a little outside the city, nestled between a cool river and bamboo-clad mountains and stretching across perfect mango-tree’d meadows. There, in the middle of nature, the festival presents a cinematic landscape adorned by breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, the setting for a magical escape from reality where you can explore nature’s playground.

Jai Thep has a diverse music policy which covers all spectrums of music including artists such as Thai techno DJ Mendy Indigo, Indonesian electronic duo Bottlesmoker and French legend Talamasca bringing a kaleidoscope of sounds to the Thai Countryside and something for everyone. Split across 4 stages: the Home stage – a cozy den where you can find spoken word, poetry, acoustic acts and comedy; River stage – where you can laze by the river to the sounds of fun-loving House DJs; Main stage – where bands will perform across the 3 days. As darkness falls head to the Eclectic Stage – for a raft of harder electronic music styles. Jai Thep is also the only Asian festival to feature an incredible 360 degree cinematic dome, an immersive visual experience where people can lay back and be swept away on waves of psychedelic artwork.

Not limited to music, Jai Thep offers multiple activities, workshops and experiences for you to take part in as much or as little as you wish. Yoga gurus sit side by side with collaboratory artworks which attendees are encouraged to contribute too.

Welcoming and open to all, Jai Thep has Western travelers mix with Thai locals, ex-pats and families. This isn’t about VIP tickets or Instagram influencers, but a like minded community of people enjoying revelry of the highest order. This community focus extends to giving back. Jai Thep operates with a code of social responsibility, aiming to minimise their waste and carbon footprint through initiatives such as banning single-use plastics, as well as running a robust waste management system. Jai Thep also supports local organisations, donating to anti-pollution and forest restoration initiatives and helping festival goers ensure that they leave minimal trace in the idyllic setting. By promoting initiatives like this they seek to give back to a place that gives so much.

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