Ultra Miami 2014 After Movie + Tickets OUT IN ONE WEEK!!

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SEPT. 23, 2014


Ultra Music Festival’s Miami 2014 After Movie is set to be released in one week, just in time for next years tickets to officially go on sale September 30th at 1pm!! Remember to register by midnight September 29th for first class access to the especially fabulous priced tickets this year at ultramusicfestival.com/tickets. Then watch last years After Movie and get pumped and ready to fight for next years ticket and type those credit card numbers so fast you didn’t know it was humanly possible. 


Limited Time Full Weekend Pass Ticket Prices for those REGISTERED (including tax and fees):

Tier 1: $299.95

Tier 2: $379.95

General Admission Full Weekend Passes: $449.95 ($50 cheaper than usual!!)

VIP Full Weekend Passes:$1,149.95

Claudia Manganiello