REVIEW: Teksupport Presents: Carl Cox Open Air, June


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What better way to spend a gorgeous afternoon in NYC than with a view of the water while surrounded by great friends with some of the best DJ’s and producers of the time curating the vibe? I really cannot come up with an excuse for what I would have rather done knowing Carl Cox was in town and was given a few hours to do what he does best with event production being handled by the sturdy hands of the Teksupport team.  From the music to the location, to the crowd, and all the way down to the event staff, this one undoubtedly gave me a solid image for the trajectory of NYC’s summer events and which the direction they need to progress in.

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Let’s get one thing straight! You would have to be delusional to put Avision, Frankie Bones, Dense & Pika, and Carl Cox together all on one lineup and truly not expect some kind of cosmic experience to unravel. The music from start to finish had literally everyone, well at least the crew I was with, dancing nonstop and being the truest versions of their weird old selves. There’s just something about the steady rumble of a kick drum and some quirky synth play that transforms a dance floor and seemingly makes time stand still. Let it be known, if not already, that music is not just some noise that blares through speakers, but rather is an experience that needs to be felt and shared. Especially when done right, kinda like when Carl Cox gets behind the decks with that familiar energy and pure love for creativity. This kind of energy brings a crowd to life, and if you were at this event you may have witnessed this first hand as by some work of magic there was this little “whoop whoop!” that sat perfectly on top of whatever Carl Cox was playing almost as if it were rehearsed. There was so much right about the music that it nearly drew all of my attention away from the overall layout of the event itself.

The venue was absolutely incredible, the sound system was stellar, the views were amazing, but there was just one thing that I really need to bring to light, the VIP section. I get it, ticket sales can be boosted, some people like their privacy and some just like to feel special and have their bottle service and be put on display; but let’s be honest there is really no need for a Saturday Day/Night party to have a VIP section with table service especially at an abandoned hangar next to the water deep in Brooklyn. We show up to celebrate the music and share it with the ones we love and meet those with similar interests. I fell in love with the NYC music scene because there was a level playing field for everyone to share no matter who you are, where the music is the driving factor. That being said, I highly respect what Teksupport has built and the expertise under their belt but let’s just all gather and have a good time as the community we need to be.

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Overall Teksupport did a great job hosting this event not to mention the incredible performances by Avision, Frankie Bones, Dense & Pika, and Carl Cox. I have to give some respect to the event staff for keeping everyone safe and doing their jobs to the T. This event was definitely worth the couple days of sore legs and I will definitely be checking out more to come. Thank you Teksupport and a special thanks to Carl Cox for another unbelievable set.

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