REVIEW: Tchami x Malaa – No Redemption Tour at Red Rocks, Colorado


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From the opening acts, the weather, world famous Colorado beer, to the production, Tchami and Malaa’s No Redemption Tour captured the essence of why Red Rocks is the world’s best venue. There was so much diversity in the crowd and in the music that this is looking up to be one of the best shows of the summer, and there are still hundreds left.  If you can get past the occasional faulty speaker, and scammers trying to make their way into the reserved seating rows, make your way out to the Rockies as soon as you can.

We were treated with three opening acts, an hour long set per act and just the right representation of their respective talent. Mercer started off the evening with a high energy set that had every single person in the crowd moving, and it was exactly what you would expect from the suave Parisian. Not too heavy, and anything but light, the best way to describe his music is “groovy.” Before you even realize it, you are being enveloped by the music and you have no choice but to dance. By this time the weather decided to act up and threatened to dampen the mood and ruin the night, but every TRUE Red Rocks lover knows the rain makes the night better.

Next up was none other than DIRTYBIRD and Colorado favorite, Justin Martin. Earlier that night,  I spoke to a flock of giddily exuberant DIRTYBIRD fans who were all excited to see Justin and for good reason.  Justin Martin delivered a crowd pleasing set and every single soul at Red Rocks was grooving to the music. Justin’s energy on stage is unmatched, I’m pretty sure his smile was clearly visible from the 80th row. He danced, laughed and even sang along (to his own songs), his radiant presence really hyped the crowd up for the rest of the night. Anyone that’s a fan of DIRTYBIRD or just good dance music in general felt like they were fulfilling a personal fantasy. The lights were starting to come on, the sun was going down, it was starting to get really loud,  and the vibe of the entire area was growing into something BIG.

Next up was K?D, and his set was a bit different than everything else we had seen that night. Most of the night revolved around house, g house, or house basslines, but K?D found ways to incorporate DnB, hard style, and Colorado’s favorite, dubstep. K?D has never and will never fall under one certain genre or even subgenre and he really showcased his ability to diversify a set (and an entire lineup) at this show. His striking visuals and upbeat tempos will surely secure him a returning spot to the bass capital.

The 15 minute intermission really gave everyone time to mentally prepare for the magic we were about to witness, and time for the entire venue to fill with fog, both from machines and mother nature herself. In all of my years of attending Red Rocks, I have never seen it look as beautiful as it did that night. Unless you were there, you will never be able to fathom the fog. No amount of hi-res images, and videos could ever do it justice.

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FINALLY it was time for two of the world’s best DJ’s to take the stage: Tchami and Malaa.  The sweeping strobe lights and hypnotic visuals cemented Tchami x Malaa as the true badasses they are. The dynamic duo played old music, new music, and of course, all of their most well known songs that have made them one of the greatest house acts in the world right now. Tchami and Malaa shared the stage equally, and gave each other more than their fair share of the spotlight. You can literally see the mutual respect that they have for each other. I’ve seen each of them multiple times separately at different venues and festivals, and let me just tell you that their collaboration is the best thing right now in electronic music. They perfectly compliment each other’s music and together they make up the epitome of cool.  It’s not as much of a back-to-back as it is a duo. I highly recommend catching them at a festival this summer if you are able, no one is sure how long they will perform together, or if ever again after this tour.  

JUN 23: Digital Dreams – Toronto, CAN
May 27: Steel Yard – London, UK
Jul 21: Parookaville – Weeze, GER
Aug 26: Creamfields – Daresbury, UK